Tuesday Top or Bottom: Hannah Hoch VS. Raoul Hausmann

Those of you who know me beyond this blog already know this, but I still feel the need to come clean with the rest of the internet:

I, Cat Lynch, am a bonafide, sci-fi watching, Bladerunner loving, science junkieing, con-going, (occasional rpg-playing), comic loving nerd. I don’t claim to be the nerdiest of the nerds (a title harder to earn than even the most epic of mounts), but I do love, love a good comic.

That said, today’s top or bottom is in honor of my current comic obsession ‘Y the Last Man.‘ ‘Y’ begins with a mysterious plague that kills off every male mammal on the planet, with the exception of one, socially awkward twenty-something. Society crumbles, species die off, packs of crazed ‘Amazons’ roam the streets- it’s both hilarious and terrifying and SOLELY responsible for me writing this blog post post-10pm. (did you know you can get ALL TEN TRADES from the Columbus Library? I love this city.) And the illustrations, by Pia Guerra (*cue feminist fist pumping!*), are wonderful.

SO, this Tuesday’s Top or Bottom is a battle of the sexes*featuring that dynamic duo of DaDa;

‘The Art Critic’ by Raoul Hausmann


‘Indian Dancer’ by Hannah Hoch



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