my ‘dirt’y little secret

my ‘dirt’y little secret

My love of planty-gardeny things has made an appearance on here before. Once or twice. (or ‘constantly’, if we happen to live or work in the vicinity of one another)

The last time I posted a love letter to swiss chard, I mentioned an unfulfilled  dream I’ve had to start my own gardening site.
Since a) I’ve always wanted to keep this website as art/art practice centered as possible, and b) “To Blog”, in the grand scheme of things, is way too attainable a goal to have and not try for, I decided to do just that.

CLynch 2012

I admit, I was a bit timid, if not downright embarrassed at first-

I’ve spent three years getting this blog to where I feel comfortable with the appearance/layout- do I really want people to look at something so new and unfinished? do I have that much to say about plants, given that I’m no expert? will viewers who come for the art think that spending time writing about flowers is frivolous?

and so kept the whole thing under wraps* until now. Now that there’s a few posts up (and a few more in the works) I feel a little more comfortable about it. Who knows- maybe having a place for all my banal backyard-anectotes will lead to more focused and thoughtful writing here? Maybe I really will get that freelance job/bookdeal/radio special a lá the Splendid Table that will allow me to quit the day job to write and paint and write until I puke from happiness? Maybe. Maybe not.

What I do know is this:  if all time not spent at work or attending to bodily needs is devoted to one of two things, it’s safe to say that both of those things are passions, and your passion(s) should be shared with the people you love (GROUP HUG).

CLynch 2012

insert some sappy saying here about love and/or gardens and/or creating things…gross.

*except for one awkward, blurted confession to a very confused coworker.

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