Where have I been?

Where have I been?

I’ve set a precedent on here before- post, post, post, radio silence…..long ranty, whiny post wherein I make silly excuses about being ‘busy’ or ‘uninspired’-

Well, this time, I really do have a pretty valid reason for not even having a Tuesday Top or Bottom for you guys: Apparently I’m currently living in  disaster zone. Aside from some panicking on my part and an unpotted tomatillo plant (that was later rescued and appears to be doing fine), all friends and family are present and accounted for. The only casualty in our house was the electricity and, by extension, our internet connection. We’ve been out since Friday, but to someone who grew up on a well (where no electric meant no water, no showers no toilet flushing), having no power in the city is not so bad. Throw in a troublingly deep love for Little House on the Prarie books and some makeshift candle lanterns and you’ve got the makings of an okay time.

Luckily we have both power and internets at Open Door, so I could (after clocking out of course) pop in to let all of you know what was going on (since, I’m pretty sure everyone was dying without regular updates), but as the connection is s l o w e r than slow, and we can’t connect to 90% of the good stuff on the internet, AND as I’m only days away from a long weekend relaxing by a lake (where internet access is n o n e x i s t a n t), this will be my last post for the next week or so.

Go read a book, I’ll be back.


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