Upcoming Show – Outside/In at Open Door

Upcoming Show – Outside/In at Open Door

Do you live in or around the greater Columbus area?
Do you love Outsider Art?
Do you love me?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ or even ‘maybe’, then you should come to

Outside/In; an exploration of accessible studios in Ohio

curated by yours truly.

Outside/In will feature work from several progressive art studios throughout Ohio. Over the past several months we (meaning myself and the awesome people I work with) roamed about Ohio, visiting other studios, geeking out over all the visual treats we found, and facing the impossible task of choosing only a handful of pieces to bring back with us. The result is a show that is going to be awesome (because how could it not be with so much good stuff)

With this exhibit we hope to build partnerships, explore art as a tool for advocacy, and celebrate all the amazing things happening in the world of Outsider Art in Ohio. Ohio is paving the way for creating an arts landscape that does not relegate Outsider Art to the periphery, but instead lets it come right on IN!

Opening reception
Saturday, August 11, from 5pm until 7pm
1050 Goodale Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio.

Check out Open Door’s blog for more information (and a super sneak peak), and don’t forget to check out Open Door itself before then to catch the final days ofFigurative Language, curated by the wonderful Allison Buenger!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Show – Outside/In at Open Door

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