Fate, in all its many forms.

Fate, in all its many forms.

I know it’s quaint (and some will say silly), but I truly believe that things happen for a reason.
Despite my previous whining about not getting accepted to shows, I suddenly find myself with more than enough to do and barely enough time to do it.

My proposal for an art activity booth at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Fest has been accepted. Rather than a make&take craft, we’ll be curating the first ever Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum- a visitor created museum celebrating the site of the arts fest. Then, in October I’ll be doing a ‘Make.Do’ adult workshop at the CMA, combining paranormal investigation with pinhole photography. (more about both events in the near future). Add curating a show with no budget before and the usual holiday flurry (and my yearly efforts to gift without supporting the Corporate Machine or step foot in a mall) after, a couple of given shows put on by arts organizations I’m a part of, and the constant compulsion to just keep making shit and you have a Cat that needs no additional deadlines to keep her hands from idling.

Speaking of the constant compulsion to make, my obsessive collection of obsessive collections continues-
During a trip to an antique store last weekend I found an inexplicable stack of cards that accompany bouquets, specifically sympathy bouquets. As if this wasn’t weird enough to sell me, each has adescription of the bouquet on the back.

Each name on the front is different (and don’t appear to be any relation)

…but the handwriting on the back appears identical. The work of a morbidly organized florist?

Tied with a bow. Of course.

Updates on how I plan to commemorate this awesome find coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Fate, in all its many forms.

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