Outside/In left my brain Inside/Out

Outside/In left my brain Inside/Out

Outside/In is open!! The opening came and went this weekend and not only did lots of art find good homes, I also got the chance to see some of the wonderful people we met over the course of collecting all of it again.

Seeing all the other studios around Ohio, meeting all the lovely people who work in them, and putting it all together into a show taught me a few things;

  1. I like making art a lot more than I like hanging it.
  2. Ohio is RICH with amazing visionary and outsider art. Seriously.
  3. Curating a show is kind of like through-hiking the Appalachian Trail (I imagine) it sounds awesome, worthwhile and you enjoy how impressive it sounds to say that you’re going to be doing it. But then you’re in the middle of it and you’re cold and tired and blistery and bears, hot on the trail of your recent menstruation, have eaten your last PowerBar and you haven’t showered in days-
  4. Or at least that’s what it’s like if you don’t have quasi-wizard co-workers who are willing to help above and beyond what you ask for to make sure your opening is not only ‘not so bad’ but actually ‘fun!”
  5. I have those coworkers


The show is open until September 21, so should you be in the Columbus area between now and then, stop by and check it out!
Now, onto the Upper Arlington Arts Fest.
Regularly scheduled programming to return shortly.

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