Tuesday Top or Bottom – Audio Art…?

It’s back! After a brief hiatus, Tuesday Top or Bottom hath returned!

On a Wednesday.

…because no one’s perfect.

Like teachers easing ‘summer brains’ back into the rigors of academia, I thought it best to ease us all back into the world of debate with some UHmazing youtube finds.

first: PSY – a South Korean Rapper who’s catchy hit Gangnam Style will be in your head for days, and who is my new dance hero

Gangnam Style


And if you’re looking to get Gangnam style out of your head, I can think of nothing more effective than Hot Cheetos and Takis by the Y.N. RichKids as part of what could be the best after-school program I’ve ever heard.

Hot Cheetos and Takis

So which is it; Gangnam or Hot cheetos?



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