Scream for Entries!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Twenty-One-Eyed Tony by Margaret Stromire

(or should it be ‘see ye, see ye’ ?)

Open Door Art Studio is having it’s first* open juried show ‘Are You Afraid of the Art’ and you should totes enter something into it.

The show is to be held during October, the theme is monsters AND the opening reception is a halloween/costume themed party.
What? You need even more reasons to enter?! How bout this:

  • The entry fee is ZERO dollars. Zero. You have literally nothing to lose.
  • Entries are due by October 4th and you the artist will be notified within two business days if your work was accepted or not. Two days! Neurotics rejoice!
  • Your work will hang next to exciting and visionary art
  • Did I mention the reception is a costume party? (Do you love costumes as much as I do?!)
  • The jurors are not only wonderful people and talented artists, they also have exceptional taste!

Click here or on the picture above for all the details.


*since I’ve been there, anyway. Which is all that counts.

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