Help Wanted – Internship Opportunity

No Tuesday Top or Bottom this week.
Instead I spent most of Tuesday afternoon in my studio and all of tonight mindmelding with 6 other fabulous artists about our upcoming collaborative project (more details coming soon) and predicting the future a lá MASH. And I make no apologies.

Other Items of Note:

  • This past weekend I had not one but two serendipitous meetings with professors who not only taught me a lot but who I admire as people and artists in their own right. The upshot of these two meetings was that a)I am not a failure for not making Things To Go in Galleries and Be Sold, b) my decision to delay grad school is a good one for me,  c) MAKING ART is primary. All other art-related activities are secondary… Although research comes close…
  • Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum! Our collection was greatly expanded, and will soon be available for viewing on our digital archives.
  • On a related note- The museum is looking for a short-term intern to assist with the archiving process. If you’re available Wednesday (9/12) or Thursday (9/13) from 5 to 7 let me know! It’d be a great line on your resume and we’d love to have you. To apply, write a letter stating who you are and a brief description of why you feel you might be a good fit to crlynch2 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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