Pinhole Photography Workshop – This Saturday (Maybe!)

Pinhole Photography Workshop – This Saturday (Maybe!)

Some of you may have noticed a woeful lack of content here at SheepGoMoo. This is not intentional or out of malice, but purely out of survival- Turns out that when Cat Lynch is rejected from established art venues, she gives said venues the big finger and decides to create her own opportunities (and say yes to anything that does come her way to puff up her sense of self worth). This has left me very happy but very very busy, trying to keep “all plates spinning” as it were.

One of those plates is THIS:

Which, as of right now, is in danger of being cancelled- But YOU can help! All you have to do is sign up, show up, and have a good time. Easy-peasy! Not only will you have a good time, not only will you leave filled with new found knowledge, not only will you create and take home your very own camera, you will also make myself, Jeff Sims, and all of the Columbus Museum Happy. How can you refuse?

All relevant info is on the above poster.

See you Saturday!!

2 thoughts on “Pinhole Photography Workshop – This Saturday (Maybe!)

  1. OH PHOOEY! I really would’ve liked to take this class, but I just found out about it today (10/23), and I have to work (in Lancaster) until 3pm. Wish I would’ve known; hope there will be a next time!

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