For Theirs is an Empire of Sleepiness.

For Theirs is an Empire of Sleepiness.

For Theirs is an Empire of Memory opened this weekend, amid the noise and wonderful chaos that accompanies any large scale art project. The first event (the opening) was a success but is only a taste of the fabulous fabulist happenings to come…

This show  marked the ‘finish line’ of what turned out to be a gauntlet of deadlines and projects. Two shows have opened at Open Door. I’m still a member of the Postcard Collective. Both the workshop and the minimarathon happened without me messing myself. Other than a few small-works shows, the pieces of which are already done (or, ahem, drying as we speak), I’m essentially done for now. Saturday and Sunday I slept, napped, lounged, listened to books on tape, lazed, played in the dirt, ignored my inbox, roasted some vegetables and didn’t feel guilty in the slightest.

The opening also involved a performance piece in which, masked and essentially blind, I ignored the world and peeled paper off a wall. It was quite possibly the best way to spend an art show. The piece, the performance, the show- all of it brought to the surface many questions and answers and further avenues of exploration, but to be honest I am still processing a lot of it. And still tired. Let’s just all take a bit more time off to enjoy the holiday weekend and let things settle. I’ll be back next week with photos, plans and coherent thoughts. In the meantime, stay warm friends.

(photo credit: Ken Aschliman


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