Post-Party Thoughts.

Post-Party Thoughts.

I’m going to apologize right off the bat for the incoherency of this post: it’s basically 10pm, dinner hasn’t happened yet (though a glass of wine and half a cookie have) and I’m emotionally jacked up on new ideas and social hilarity-

I’ve just come from the CAW (Creative Arts of Women) December Meeting/Mixer/White Elephant exchange and I am on FIRE. Never before have I been to a meeting where so many diverse artists give each other so many warm fuzzy-fuzzies (holy hell, though, the White Elephant was INTENSE)

Two years ago I went to my first CAW show, which was coincidentally my first art-event-going in Columbus. I had only lived here a few weeks, I hated my job and social anxiety was at an all time high. I felt totally intimidated by all the art/artists, made one awkward conversation with a fellow spectator, read WhollyCraft’s entire rack of zines to avoid another, and managed to sneak out before all traces of my deodorant had been melted away. I was so impressed by not only the artwork, but also the sense of community between the artists. If my face hadn’t have been so red it would’ve totally been green with envy.

Fast forward a few years- You know what I had to do to become part of this amazing group? What sort of arcane and shrouded ritual surrounds the sisterhood?
Absolutely nothing. Nothing! It’s totally egalitarian* and totally supportive and lovey. It’s a nice reminder that while art is often said to be a “highly competitive field,” it doesn’t have to be.**

Anyway, I was going to get slightly more incoherent and theoretical about all this, but the pizza’s here, the Trek is on and it’s a holodeck episode.

Also, f’real, this is not the best state in which to be stringing words into meaning.

cheers all!

*(unless you have a penis. Though if you identify as a female we’re glad to have you!)
**(unless your engaged in a cut-throat ‘stealing-round’ or White Elephant, in which case it’s totally on.)

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