Home is Whenever I’m With You

Home is Whenever I’m With You

This past weekend I had the honor of being the maid of honor in a wedding where both the bride and the groom were two of my best friends. The wedding, and all the events leading up to it were a blast of epic proportions. I saw best friends who I hadn’t seen (and in some cases hadn’t talked to because I am shit at keeping in touch) in years and it was as if no time had passed. Everything went beautifully and was so much fun that today I’m left with a ‘Funover’- a new term that I am inventing. A funover is when you have such a good time with such awesome people whom it is a rare treat to see that the next day you’re not only exhausted but also a bit listless and a bit blue. (It is my experience that funovers can be cured with restful activities like ‘Reading Lord of the Rings with Kittens’ and ‘Drinking lots of chocolate-mint coffee’)

Even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time this afternoon moping, faced with a TimeMage who could somehow transport me back 5 years to the time where we all lived mere feet from each other I’d have to decline (and not just because one can never trust a TimeMage). There are too many awesome things happening in the hereandnow- not just for me, but for the rest of the lounge rats ( jobs! friends! spouses! kids! new kittens!)

Missing people isn’t just a part of life, it’s a beautiful one- it’s a reminder that one has loved and been loved. This weekend was a fun reminder of how many people I love live outside of Columbus and how wonderful is the task I’ve neglected of keeping in touch.

wenner wedding1


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