A Stitch in Time.

A Stitch in Time.

A few weeks ago I got to hear an artist talk by the talented performance artist, Coco Loupe that was everything you want an artist talk to be; interesting, inspiring, humbling and reassuring all in one. In it, she mentioned her ‘daily practice’ which really struck a chord with me- Most of my current projects are either long-term, collaborative, wrapped up in about 12 layers of CONCEPT or some combination of the three. While it’s all work I’m really excited about, I’ve been having a hard time the past couple of weeks maintaining momentum. I think my own lack of ‘daily practice for the sake of daily practice’ is the culprit.* It’s like playing an instrument or running- warm-ups take more than zero minutes and they certainly aren’t interesting, but they do make a world of difference, especially, in the case or running, in longevity.

All of which is to say that the night before I succeeded in living for a quarter of a century found me with a 1987 planner passed on to me by another talented woman I admire, and a longing to just make something pretty. Or, not even pretty- just to make something barely beyond the realm of doodlery for no other reason other than “it feels good.”

CLynch 2012

‘a stitch in time’ Cat Lynch, mixed media/

Why a timezone map? Because the lines made by the zones were interesting and the colors pretty. Why cut them out? Because Sunday I wanted to cut something up. Why weaving, why sewing? Because the rest of the week I felt like putting something back together. And I wanted to make art while watching ParaNorman.

Of course, because I’m still me, this is merely the beginning of a series, and of course there are Rules;

-They will be small
-They will be arbitrary
-I will only work on them during the week/evenings and save weekends for working on bigger and better things
-I will not be upset at how they look in the end.

Another idea came up during Coco’s amazing artist talk- the idea that one must make lots of crap to make things that aren’t crap. I believe one artist present mentioned a “10% rule”? (Meaning that for every 10 things she makes, maybe one will be good). By that logic, there’s a chance that, should I continue to stick with this, by this time next year I’ll have 5 good drawings.
That ain’t bad.



*well, that and the fact that it’s Christmas time and I have a mental age of 10.

6 thoughts on “A Stitch in Time.

    • Haha, it’s probably because you go to things and socialize, instead of slinking around the edges of events. The CatLynch is an elusive and reclusive creature prone to bouts of hermitage.

      …I am working on it though.
      And yes she is THE awesome.:)

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