The other day while trolling around on one of my favorite (food) websites,* I found this brilliant quote by the wonderful Isa Chandra Moskowitz,

I have a few guiding principles and one is “You’re never too busy to update your blog.” I mean, spacing out over a game of Facebook Scrabble rather than talking about split pea soup is pretty much the extent of it. So I am not going to start this by saying I’ve been too busy, more like it’s fallen to the wayside and every time I think about it I get this little pang of guilt. Which brings me to another guiding principle which is “No one cares if you update your blog.” I mean, really. With that weight off my shoulders, it was a lot easier to update this god forsaken thing.



Big things coming. Until then go make some buffalo tempeh, go to the state fair, go ride a bike.



*seriously, everything here is delicious. Don’t be scared away by the ‘vegan’- I eat mostly vegetarian-ish** and Boyfriend is a diehard omnivore and everything I’ve made from the Veganomicon has been mutually agreed upon as delicious.
**long boring story. if you’re truly interested let’s talk- I’ll make tea.

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