Postcard Collective – Summer 2013

Postcard Collective – Summer 2013

By some crazy alignment of planets, I actually managed to get all of my submissions for this season’s postcard exchange done AND done early. This may or may not be related to the fact that 90% of the process could be done while watching a movie….Or the fact that I’m basically outsourcing the other artists in the exchange to do my job for me.


Click on the image to see the rest of it…

In all truth, with this season’s exchange being ‘Exchange,” I wanted to create something that would facilitate a further and more personal exchange between the other artists and I. Originally I had thought of exchanging seeds (since it is that time of the year when I want to spend every minute sticking things in dirt and watching plantmagic), however a brief google search led me to the conclusion that doing so, outside the US was Not Okay. While thinking outloud about this problem, a very smart friend of mine suggested dirt and it was a total AHA moment.

I’ve been researching mourning, death rituals and funerals at work* and immediately my mind went to Antigone.What has always struck me as most poignant is the way destiny depends on what one woman does with dirt. It’s past my bedtime** so I’ll try not to wax too poetic here, but damn- what a great image; honor, divine justice, life, death, the very workings of fate itself all held in a handful of dust.
Just. Neat.

More images to come as people (hopefully) send their own sacrifices in.

Also, a sneak peek into my very fancy photo studio:

What? The light's best in there!

What? The light’s best in there!

*For real and it is awesome.

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