All week (month)  I’ve had ‘update website/blog’ on my running to-do list and today I decided enough was enough. After all, it’s not like I there’s nothing to talk about, right?
There was the Northam Park, there was a quasi-victorian pseudo scientific investigation, there’s been COSMIKA, there’s a commission for the new Wonder Room at the Columbus Museum of Art-
My cats have done a million adorable things which I’ve taken two million pictures of
I’m still awkward and that makes life hilarious-

But sitting down tonight I realize that right not my heart and head just aren’t into this right now- I am too excited about MAKING ALL THE THINGS to talk about it. I want to experiment, not analyze- not yet anyway. So I’m not going to. I’m going to keep making and playing and come December or January, when I am tired and burnt out and looking for a mental break, when I’m taking a self-enforced haitus from big projects, when going out for supplies requires the aid of hyper-intelligent husky dogs, then-
Then I’ll huddle up in my studio with some tea and we’ll share all the adventures we’ve had all fall.

Go do something amazing!


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