I am good at a lot of things: making pancakes, sweating,Street fighter 2 (arcade version)- But one thing I’m absolutely terrible at, is being sick. I’m really good at advocating for natural, noninvasive treatment, like resting and fluids. I’m really bad at following my own advice for more than 4 hours, at which point I either  fall to pieces of melodrama and self-loathing like Chris Trager:

…or I deny what is happening, a la personal hero and spirit animal Leslie Knope:

Here is a list of things that, like Leslie,  I’m ‘doing’ while watching Parks and Rec on netflix and mouth-breathing:

  • sewing pants
  • knitting socks
  • finishing a sweater
  • updating my website
  • doing laundry
  • making things
  • reading edifying literature
  • cleaning our kitchen
  • gardening, general
  • a long run
  • not feeling guilty about ‘doing’ all of these things
  • not apologizing to the internet about doing all of these things.



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