inviting interaction – (EYE find inspiration in the strangest places…)

So the other day, I was at work and I had to pee.

When I went to the employee bathroom, I saw this:


What started out as a prop leftover from some erstwhile program had meandered- from desk to bin to shelf to bench- into the bathroom. I don’t know who put the marker in there, or who wrote the original message (‘I know what you did last summer’), but a week later and it’s been touched my many hands, added to, scribbled- in short, played with. By intentionally ‘messing it up’ with writing, we’re given the message ‘Yes! This is not precious!’ and by leaving the means with which to interact (the marker) we’re given an invitation. It’s so simple.

While I can get just as deep into ‘making’ and ‘aesthetics as the next artnerd, what truly gets me excited is the moment after I’ve made something- when it leaves my hands/studio/brain, travels through other people and becomes something brand new. The surprises that come from interaction are what truly send me over the moon. (It’s funny- I spend so much of my educator life talking to others about how to get visitors not to touch the art, and so much on the other side, as an artist, trying to incite gallery anarchy. ((“I contain multitudes.”))

A lot of the work I’ve been making and thinking about lately is dependent upon interaction. As I finished a commission for CMA’s Columbus City Schools Day* and as the deadline for Remnants lurches ever nearer, I’ve been mulling over similar themes- interaction, invitation, surprise and play. For Remnants, especially, I’ve been grinding my greymatter-gears over language, clarity, complexity, inviting interaction but also communicating the systems I’ve created for the specific kind of interaction I’m interested in ((grindgrindgrind)


The simplicity and fun of this creepy bathroom eye was a nice reminder not to over think things too much.

Especially while on the toilet.

*waiting on pictures until it gets played with and made better by visitors


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