The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

Right before my impromptu summer-blog break I posted a few cryptic sentences about Employment Opportunities and Life Changes with the promise that I’d come clean once the dust settled. A few months (!) and several posts later I realized I never made good on this promise.

Cat, we come here for art and pictures of your cats- beyond that we don’t care.’

Totally cool. Feel free to skip to the bottom of the page for just that.
But I’ve been thinking a lot in the about why I still blog- I’ve set aside my initial aspirations for internet fame and book deals*, my friends/family are kept updated by calls and texts rather than checking here, and yet I still find myself updating this thing- why?

Two, totally selfish reasons- clarity and accountability.
Having a place where I have to put thought down into words- and those words into actual sentences- helps me take ideas and abstract concepts that are swirling in my brain in a nebulous cloud and funnel them into coherency. This is excellent, low-risk practice for when I have to do that to Real People of Import or write Artist Statements (since most galleries/grants won’t except photocopies of sketches and incoherent doodles. Rude.) And writing such thoughts here, rather than in my sketchbook makes me feel committed to an idea/project. Even if no one reads it but me, having it floating around in the public sphere shames me into Doing as much as Thinking.

So, whether you care or not, here’s what’s been going on in the world of Gainful Employ:

A few months ago I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime, now-or-never job as a teaching artist at the Columbus Museum of Art. Taking it, however, meant leaving the best job I’d ever had at Open Door Art Studio. Leaving Open Door, and the beautiful people who work and create there was possibly the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. It had nothing to do with Open Door and everything to do with me- it was a dream job but it wasn’t my dream. There were many tears, more hugs and even more encouragement from all my ODAS friends that enabled me to move forward. I say all that to clarify that when I talk about loving my job at CMA, it is not because I didn‘t love my job at Open Door. (SO MANY FEELINGZ.)

There was more planned but really, I think that’s enough navel-gazing for one day. You deserve some cats;

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

Summer is for Lovers.

Summer is for Lovers.

Hey lady, can't you see I'm trying to nap here?

Newt in Repose

coming soon to an arts fest near you...

coming soon to an arts fest near you…


Feline Friday: Pierre Bonard

Feline Friday: Pierre Bonard

French painter and printmaker Pierre Bonnard has a soft spot in my heart not just because of the amazing, almost physical light in his work, or because he managed to use colors I would normally shy away from in ways that make me happy-

No, Pierre Bonnard will always be ‘the aweseome’ for his creepyass cats. Namely, this week’s Feline:

White Cat, Pierre Bonnard

Close seconds:

Newt! (or, the laundry list of why I haven’t been at my computer lately)

Newt! (or, the laundry list of why I haven’t been at my computer lately)

This past week, and the week to follow, have been packed full of things. Things such as

  • Getting ready for Wallace to be in the Columbus Arts Festival
  • Going with Wallace to the Columbus Arts Festival
  • Finishing my own work for the Big Local Art Tent.
  • Getting ready for our next opening at Open Door (Figurative Language– come check it out!)
  • Putting together show proposals and juried show entries (all due this week or next)
  • Prepped and executed the first ever Pinhole Photography Picnic Pworkshop (success! thanks again!)
  • all of the end of the month paperwork hoopla at work deemed MOST NECESSARY by the Medicaid Powers That Be.
  • Early summer time-sensitive gardening tasks
  • the most minimal amount of personal hygiene needed not to offend
  • the daily business of eating, sleeping, living, etc.

So in the midst of all of this, I thought to myself ‘ self, you know what you need?’

A kitten.

Specifically, the tiny, snotty, smelly, sad-sack of a rescue kitten that arrived at the Cat Lynch Home for Wayward Kitties last Sunday. Some antibiotics, a few baths and lots of cuddles later, ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to Newt!**

basking in the glow of impending internet fame.

Named for the nearly as adorable/badass little girl in the 1986 CLASSIC James Cameron film, Newt has already firmly entrenched herself into my stupid bleeding heart. Expect many more pictures to come, especially as Newt and the Georges get to know each other***

And if one kitten wasn’t enough, Newt also came with brother, who I’m currently fostering. The huge-hearted woman I work with who rescued the two christened the dude’ Franklin, though in keeping with house rule 75 (‘thou shalt bestow names gleaned only from the annals of history/pop culture), we’ve been calling him Dr. Franklin. And as happy as we are to keep Franklin while he’s on walkabout****, this guy does need a good home. So if you or someone you know lives in the Columbus area and is looking to make their lives a little more adorable, pass this along (lest I end up like Arline Conradt.)

*we’ve been watching a large amount of Metalocolypse which has a surprising amount of kitty humor.
**unless we work together, in which case you’ve already been introduced by the daily batch of cell phone photos and rambling narratives about her latest goings ons.
***Remember back in the adolescent days of this blog when Things My Cat Did featured heavily in the content? Now that we’ve gotten a new channel in our version of cable (a.k.a. cat watching) I might have to bring that back. Maybe as a weekly Feline Friday? thoughts?
****if you giggled at this we can be friends. Friends who watch a lot of Babylon 5