Home! With things! These drawings (all done at Isla Mujeres)

Other than one day of ballpoint pen doodles, the rest of my week was filled with visiting ruins, beach-y things and reading mostly fluff. (…or more than mostly fluff.)

Despite truly having the very definition of ‘vacation’ I’m both sleepy and out of words today. I blame my 19th century sensibilities and the shock caused to them by waking up in one country and falling asleep in another. (Even a zeppelin ride would take a more sensible length of time than a mere day).

But I drew my aloe plant:

poor lovely aloe. In the care of a better keeper, to what glorious heights could you have grown?

And played with my own scanner-as-camera, this time moving the scanner rather than myself.


In other news: This week marks the beginning of three new projects, both official and unofficial

  • Setting a studio schedule (as per the advice of Sean Foley and Jen Gillette) and starting one of the series from that chart I made back in the day
  • Making myself sit down and read at least a few pages of Body Criticism a day. I bought this book over a year ago in a rare instance of impulse buying and have only flipped through it. Plus I need something to atone for reading World Without End
  • Officially starting as an intern at the Columbus Museum of Art (huzzah!)- Working with Artful Adventures, which means hanging out in the museum every week with preschoolers, looking at art and smelling things.