Jumpin Jeeminie, it’s another BCR Collaboration Update!

Jumpin Jeeminie, it’s another BCR Collaboration Update!

Before meeting up at the Herot last week, Beth said “Old Lady feets (our codename for the drawing in question) is looking Realgood.”

And she was! And then I hacked her to bits.

Drawing 3, version 6 (...i think? my naming/record keeping for this project is less than stellar)

close up of the paper mechanics- pushed in...

...and pulled out

For having started out with a completely impulsive action (cutting out the eye for the previous drawing), the piece ended up being pretty connected to other projects going on/the current Body Criticism chapter/my brain in general. You’ll have to live in suspense, though as I spent the day working the Wonder Room at the CMA’s Family Day f0r Columbus City Schools  and open the Paneradise tomorrow.

Enjoy this instead. Way more entertaining than mah yammerin.

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

Back from a pretty fantastic Easter weekend in Funcie. Friday I got so see my parents followed by a room-mate reunion at my favoritefavorite bar in the whole world, the Herot. Saturday was spent doing family things with both mine and Boyfriend’s family (including, but not limited to, playing horse, seeing a horse, pie and an easter egg hunt) followed by more beer with more friends, and Sunday was even more family things. Only a bare minimum of sleep was had, and I still feel like I didn’t see everyone I wanted to. A wonderful ‘problem’ to have.

See the sights!

Beth M. (of the BCR Drawing collaboration) also brought the lastest incarnations of the three drawings with her to the Heorot and so the collaboration continues! Updates to come. (as well as a commission, altered book/collaboration, installation project and all of the rando. drawings this warm weather keeps planting in my brain. Too many ideas- another beautiful, awesome problem.) Here’s what’s done so far:

Drawing 1.5 (ignore line down the middle, I got excited and started before I took the picture.)

Drawing 2.5

Drawing 3.5 aka 'old lady Feets.'

I know I’m a day late, but speaking of Easter (and Passover, and Earth Day and May Day, etc.) I highly recommend checking out Art 21’s  episode about Art and Spirituality. Not only does it feature my homegirl Ann Hamilton, I think it also does a nice job addressing the connection many artists feel between their spiritual and artistic lives. I tend to be pretty mum about my own beliefs, as most short, easy titles like the ‘C-word’ lump me into the same catagory as these assholes:

But my belief in a God who creates and loves and laughs is, to quote my friend Kasey,

…not just a set of superstitions I have chosen to believe in. It is not something that makes me less intelligent, less independent, less forward thinking. My faith is an essential part of my identity. It is wrapped up in the fiber of my being and is the way I live my life.

So yes.  I believe in treating even the most hateful outsider the same way you would a brother,I believe in free speech, I believe in gay rights, I believe in evolution, I believe in taking care of each other, I believe bodily functions are funny, I believe in a fundamental Goodness and all this because of, not in spite of, my belief in God.


Oh, um, and here’s a picture of a (healing) rash.

mysterious rash that appeared in my armpit after the Octopus Project concert. It's not everyday one gets such a mysterious and interestingly shaped rash. Unless that 'one' is me.

Happy monday!