“Pay For Soup/Build A Fort/Set That On Fire”

Fort is done!*

And everyone lived. And there is to be much merriment in the near future.
But first! Picture blast of the last week or so plus a few of the finished piece.

cubes waiting to be painted. Most notably in this picture, though are the lovely, lovely corner clamps that allowed these to come together in minutes

My first day in the museum, and the first time seeing the big structures. (and an Alvin!)

Sean, mapping out the wall painting

first layer on the wall painting and arch

Sean and Katie adding the final touches to the striping on the wall, plus the arch side that became my focus

Wall painting done. And beautiful (as seen from child-height. All projected patterns were done from low to the ground)

The arch done (fairly.)

Coming together! This was the last view I had before I had to leave for the weekend for birthday festivities in IN.

Speaking of birthday things, check out the sweet early b-day present from my parents- my own drill! (the hole saw's not mine, but looks hilarious on the end of my tiny 12v drill.)

<–and as a bonus, from the people who brought you such riveting cinema as ‘Paint drying on a wall!” and “Waiting for my cat to do that cute thing he never does when other people are around!” it’s…..The exciting flush-trim router bit!!

Pulled together for the preview! Check out the beautiful textiles Emily made and the frankentree, thanks to Zephyr. (photo courtesy of Sean Foley)

By the way, the orange glow you see is solely from the fluorescent paint under each lip. Thanks to the fumes, I'm pretty sure I've lost Math, but it was totally worth it.

Working on the project let me meet some awesome people, learn an INSANE amount of stuff and I can’t wait for the next project. Onwards and upwards Wonder Factory!



*tentatively. Still some final touch ups. The public opening is Jan 1st.

Don’t point that gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern.

Things are getting crazy over at Sean’s studio (where I’m an assistant) as the deadline cometh.

the best analogy to the 'Fort' project made so far.

Here’s just a sample of some of the hijinks (forgive the quality, I’ve been using my phone);

Gluing thin birch plywood in the large 'egg rocker' aka the bastard.

The next section. With a few clamps.

after much sweating and swearing, almost done!

The medium egg rocker, lined by yours truly.

The 'tetris' blocks, or, That Which Made Me Fall In Love With the Round-over Router Bit.

a few of the bits, including the whole egg family, on the new lovely assembly table. No more building on the floor-huzzah!


So yeah. That’s why there’s been a significant decrease in posts about my cat, or Columbusian adventures. (although George is still doing adorable-cat things and The Wexner Center has a new exhibition and it’s Terry Gilliam month over at Gateway and if you get a chance to do either or both you should do it the end.)



Chopin’s Guts! New work

Finally got (somewhat) caught up with new work in Guts and Independents.

I’ve also been working a lot on the drawing/performance piece I mentioned a few posts back. Unfortunately it’s the ‘thinking-researching-doodling-evenmorethinking-practicing-still more thinkingresearching’ kind of work. Which is less than thrilling to anyone else.

Also also, been working on my portfolio for The Drawing Center‘s slide viewing program, and trying to get in some galleries around here. (starting to slip backing into my old reclusive, darger-esque habits of making lots and showing none)

Which leads me to a question for other visually-minded folk: How how do you go about starting your artist’s statement? Not an individual statement about one meaning-packed piece or series, but a grand, over arcing manifesto that somehow encompasses all your hows and whys but doesn’t sound too informal or too pretentious and doesn’t go on for ever and ever and make you seem like a crazy person?


progress on a painting that's part of the aforementioned slide series

Other Real Life Item of Note: My days peddling autoparts are at an end! Still a small cog in a big corporate machine, but  at least this machine does various forms of do-goodery. And smells good. And never never plays Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ over the store radio.

in my brain: Entropy

We talk a lot in the art world about ‘archival quality’ and preservation. Our culture even has an entire industry built around keeping our empty bodies safe from rot, long after we’ve ceased to inhabit them. The truth is, though, the only things guaranteed to last for forever, is the fact that nothing lasts forever. And really, the ephemerality of everything is what makes existence precious. I mean, watch any Christmas Special where some dumb kid wishes for it to be Christmas everyday, and before you can say “20 minute moral” the little twerp’s already sick of it. Beyond the way material things break down, systems, ritual, memory- even the intangible is subject to the workings of entropy.

Started two series of paintings/drawings that’ve been floating about in my brain for a while. One of which, I’d started before the move and both of which have to do with the ideas of order and entropy, the eventual break-down of these systems. The first, which you can now see up in Image, is also an exploration of a material I’ve been wanting to try for a while now- rust.

the very, very beginnings of oxidation

If you want to live easy Baby pack your clothes with mine

Lots of changes lately, both here and in the ‘real world.’ Sat, I moved to Killumbus, OH* (so any columbus folks looking to swap art, collaborate or just drink beer and talk about cats, hit me up), Sun/Mon was joined by the Beav** who helped me settle in with movies and curry aplenty and Tues I started a job at an auto parts store that shall remain nameless (Because you know all Very Important People in big corporations spend most of their time surfing the artblog world, and Care Very Much about them).

where am I going to paint tonight? oh, yeah, right HERE.

Changes aplenty here too- Updated the ‘Bio’ section and added some more links. I highly recommend you check out ‘those i know.’ Because I know them, and they’re doing things! Neat! Even more changes to come soon, too. I  want to make updates more regular and possibly more interesting than “Oi! Lookit. Me. Yes.”*** I’m planning on a monthly interviews with art and “not”art people (maybe twice or thrice a month once it gets going), more writings, collaborations/guest blogging**** as well as regular updates of things Actually Made by yours truly (especially now that I have space and freshly unpacked supplies and a working camera). Also also, I’ve made a Facebook page, so I can make these regular updates, without cluttering up my own newsfeed (truly a deep concern of mine.)

So yeah. Starting to feel a bit settled. Still plenty of boxes to unpack, but as I spent the past few days unpacking and have no work tomorrow, I hereby declare this evening dedicated to painting, rust, iced tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


i can has free couch?

recovering from the traumatic relocation.

*i am not this witty. I saw it on a poster and it made me think of deathmetal ganges tooling around Clintonville, which I love.


***still some, though. I mean, come on. Lookit.

****interested? crlynch2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

*****Four footnotes? for reals? Dear self, learn how to conduct a thorough train of thought. Also how to spell thorough without a dictionary.

Fat Tire, Locals, Smoke and Mirrors.

Last night, faced with an evening with no plans, my roommate and I decided to take our sketchbooks to the Heorot for a few pints and people watching.

For those of you not from Funcie, The Heorot is a pub downtown that is not only named after the meadhall in Beowulf, but also

a world of dreams and beer awaits...

looks the part. Dark, smoky, a fireplace, big timbers, a dragon animal skulls on the walls, bookshelves lined with scifi classics, and the best beer selection in town. It is a dream.

And like most Muncie bars on a Friday night, full of interesting characters (check out the mohawk rattail combo). After spending the whole semester working more sculpturally and conceptually, it was nice to have the time to just sit and breathe and draw.

A grand, grand evening indeed.