The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

Right before my impromptu summer-blog break I posted a few cryptic sentences about Employment Opportunities and Life Changes with the promise that I’d come clean once the dust settled. A few months (!) and several posts later I realized I never made good on this promise.

Cat, we come here for art and pictures of your cats- beyond that we don’t care.’

Totally cool. Feel free to skip to the bottom of the page for just that.
But I’ve been thinking a lot in the about why I still blog- I’ve set aside my initial aspirations for internet fame and book deals*, my friends/family are kept updated by calls and texts rather than checking here, and yet I still find myself updating this thing- why?

Two, totally selfish reasons- clarity and accountability.
Having a place where I have to put thought down into words- and those words into actual sentences- helps me take ideas and abstract concepts that are swirling in my brain in a nebulous cloud and funnel them into coherency. This is excellent, low-risk practice for when I have to do that to Real People of Import or write Artist Statements (since most galleries/grants won’t except photocopies of sketches and incoherent doodles. Rude.) And writing such thoughts here, rather than in my sketchbook makes me feel committed to an idea/project. Even if no one reads it but me, having it floating around in the public sphere shames me into Doing as much as Thinking.

So, whether you care or not, here’s what’s been going on in the world of Gainful Employ:

A few months ago I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime, now-or-never job as a teaching artist at the Columbus Museum of Art. Taking it, however, meant leaving the best job I’d ever had at Open Door Art Studio. Leaving Open Door, and the beautiful people who work and create there was possibly the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. It had nothing to do with Open Door and everything to do with me- it was a dream job but it wasn’t my dream. There were many tears, more hugs and even more encouragement from all my ODAS friends that enabled me to move forward. I say all that to clarify that when I talk about loving my job at CMA, it is not because I didn‘t love my job at Open Door. (SO MANY FEELINGZ.)

There was more planned but really, I think that’s enough navel-gazing for one day. You deserve some cats;

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

Summer is for Lovers.

Summer is for Lovers.

Hey lady, can't you see I'm trying to nap here?

Newt in Repose

coming soon to an arts fest near you...

coming soon to an arts fest near you…


gazeth at thy navel…

gazeth at thy navel…

My internet communication (i.e. emails, facebook, this blog, etc) tends to settle into a pattern, which goes something like this:

1. I am able to read  and respond thoughtfully to all messages. I post regular articles and artwork  on a rigorous schedule. I feel like a functioning and efficient adult person.
2. I am able to read and, after a brief delay, respond in some way. I post more or less regularly in short, image filled bursts. I feel okay about this as I can rationalize that offline I am very busy.
3. I read all messages received and put off responding until I have time to write something thoughtful. I compose elaborate emails and blog posts while cleaning or running. I post nothing. I respond to no emails. I feel that I will get to it all and all will be okay.
4. I avoid all electronic communication. I have posted nothing and responded to nothing for longer than is socially acceptable. I feel that whatever I do next must be glorious enough to make up for my prolonged silence. I feel pure panic and avoidance.
5. See 4., x’s 10.

According to my (obsessively checked) stats, there are 87 of you who’ve been left hanging which means the pressure for the next post to be BRILLIANT is even heavier. To combat this, I have decided to make a post about nothing- a purely self-centered, fatuous BLAG, just to get it over with. If you’re here  to see anything other than vacation photos and navelgazing you are going to be disappointed with this post.
Regular art-programming will resume next time around.

In the meantime, hooray Canada!

How to flatten paper: Put it somewhere and tell your cat not to touch it.

How to flatten paper: Put it somewhere and tell your cat not to touch it.


Rest stop, pre-bathroom.


Same rest stop, post-bathroom. Thanks Midwest winter. And Obama.


So fancy!


The CN Tower


What does one do in Toronto?
Kensington Market!


Go to comic shops!


Visit the library!


Take slanty pictures of buildings!


Harass your boyfriend!


Hogwarts? Probably.


Outdoor ice skating, rainbow monies, AND Tim Horton’s sells steeped tea?
Everything about them is better than us.


In other news, my hair looked the same as it does everyday and for meals I ate food.



We all need more magical moments…

A guest-post by Camila Marquez, for’s Summer Blog Swap. This is the first time I’ve ever participated in a blog swap and if all posts are going to be this good it f’sure won’t be the last,

Malleable tar beneath my 9-year old feet. Clouds combing the sky with water droplets after rain dances. Nightfall conversations under Georgia O’Keefe Skies. These are moments that form my summers, my magical memories of the June to September time span under the wings of the sun.

Sometimes we just need those moments that pull us back into who we are, into why we exist. We need the potential joy that sits on the sidelines waiting to leap into life’s game between the 9-5 work schedules, the bills that must be paid, the need tos and have tos of things, to bound in and grasp us.

My siblings, cousins, and I have always had a penchant for performing, for spending hours preparing and throwing shows for our family members… and sometimes just us. The thing is, we’re growing up, and we’ve never stopped. The songs within our souls, the dance rhythm in our feet, the whispering words that find themselves on paper and in greetings runs passionately through our blood. It seems to run through the blood of my boyfriend too.

This July, my boyfriend and I ventured to New Mexico for some family meet and greet and of course, a performance now etched into my memories. A Tangential World, a concert that grew and grew from my boyfriend’s band COJOI, and my brother’s band Post War Germany to include my cousin’s band, my sister-in-love’s brother, and one of my sister’s friends slowly became a reality.

Beneath the city in the sky, the stars flashing down; amidst my grandfather’s paintings and collected tapestries; my mother and her lovely boyfriend’s garage was transformed into a concert venue.

Voices I have heard singing in pre-adolescence now carried the most gorgeous melodies. Songs I have heard pour forth so many times before sounded even more melodramatic and wonderful. It seems that magic is found with collections of people, in shared moments, in smiles that float from one body to another.

With face-paint, tambourine tapping, and the collection of voices from people I love, I found yet another magical night in the prolific singing of my loved ones.

Camila Furr Márquez is a wanderlusting nomad currently living in Connecticut. She loves crafting, social justice, folk art, and traveling. Check out her blog at or follow her on twitter @ZiaCamila.

If you want to live easy Baby pack your clothes with mine

Lots of changes lately, both here and in the ‘real world.’ Sat, I moved to Killumbus, OH* (so any columbus folks looking to swap art, collaborate or just drink beer and talk about cats, hit me up), Sun/Mon was joined by the Beav** who helped me settle in with movies and curry aplenty and Tues I started a job at an auto parts store that shall remain nameless (Because you know all Very Important People in big corporations spend most of their time surfing the artblog world, and Care Very Much about them).

where am I going to paint tonight? oh, yeah, right HERE.

Changes aplenty here too- Updated the ‘Bio’ section and added some more links. I highly recommend you check out ‘those i know.’ Because I know them, and they’re doing things! Neat! Even more changes to come soon, too. I  want to make updates more regular and possibly more interesting than “Oi! Lookit. Me. Yes.”*** I’m planning on a monthly interviews with art and “not”art people (maybe twice or thrice a month once it gets going), more writings, collaborations/guest blogging**** as well as regular updates of things Actually Made by yours truly (especially now that I have space and freshly unpacked supplies and a working camera). Also also, I’ve made a Facebook page, so I can make these regular updates, without cluttering up my own newsfeed (truly a deep concern of mine.)

So yeah. Starting to feel a bit settled. Still plenty of boxes to unpack, but as I spent the past few days unpacking and have no work tomorrow, I hereby declare this evening dedicated to painting, rust, iced tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


i can has free couch?

recovering from the traumatic relocation.

*i am not this witty. I saw it on a poster and it made me think of deathmetal ganges tooling around Clintonville, which I love.


***still some, though. I mean, come on. Lookit.

****interested? crlynch2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

*****Four footnotes? for reals? Dear self, learn how to conduct a thorough train of thought. Also how to spell thorough without a dictionary.