outside/outsider art: Tuesday Top or Bottom.

outside/outsider art:  Tuesday Top or Bottom.

This past month my brain has been full of two of my favorite things*: outside (because it’s GROWING SEASON AND THERE ARE THINGS TO DO) and outsider art (because it’s FESTIVAL/OPENINGS SEASON AND THERE ARE THINGS TO DO)

Thus, I give unto you: outsider art** about things outside.


a Shaker Gift Drawing.
(zomg automatic drawings of obsessive detail WIN)


a drawing by John James Audubon
(zomg naturalist explorer birds WIN!)




*On a related note, those looking to do some early holiday shopping would do well to look here, here or here.
**meaning, in this case, ‘art by self-taught artists’

Just Like Honey

Been busy with everything BUT work lately. Sean’s project I’m helping with for the CMA goes up this week-ish, finally getting off arse to try and show work outside my house, one of my best friends is getting married this weekend plus I want to read everything ever written ever.

(Have we made sleep optional yet?)

After making a few rounds to the galleries this past week I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to show work, and how space for interactions are made/legitimized/etc. So far my most promising prospect is a tattoo parlor cum gallery. I keep flashing back to a  year or so ago, when Columbus artist Dina Sherman visited Ball State to talk about her work, specifically the IMA Gallery . Her main topic was how to ‘take over space’ not normally used for art (especially if not used at all).And while yeah, a show in a “real” gallery or museum would be nice, I really like the idea of unexpected encounters with art or at least slightly more unusual arenas in which to start the conversation.

completely unedited picture of the fantastic light we had after that big storm last week.

New Work- Blood Guts and Needlepoint.

ready to be sealed and sent

New things up under ‘Guts.’

Oh, also, now there’s a section called Guts! As well as a much cleaner Work section. (if only my real work area were so organized. And free of cat hair).

Also finally started (as in took more action than just thinking and doodling) a drawing/performance/painting…thing…that’s been swirling around my brain since the beginning of summer. I won’t go into details yet, other than to say it involves five other artists, the idea of drawing as a blueprint for action and the US postal service.

Other than mail and stichery, my days have been filled mostly with work, running, reading a long-awaited book and systematically devouring the Grandview Public Library’s dvd collection (no cable + lots of time spent sewing = finally catching up on my ‘to-watch’ list).

Lots of exciting things on the horizon though. The fella moves tuesday and friday I start training as a docent for the Wex. Oh and it’s (almost) officially fall.

And I have squash.

Second Sunday- my life in links*

Read this.
Then read this.  And then more of this. (while really waiting for this.)

All of which made me want to listen to this.

Currently reading this, and this
and looking forward to looking through this. (bless you library reserves, you beautiful beautiful thing)

Meanwhile, watched this, and this.

Went to this.

Been spending lots of time with here. But also lots of time here. (thinking about this.)

*this post brought to you by sleepiness, sheer laziness and a of course the internet.
*this too is relevant.

If you want to live easy Baby pack your clothes with mine

Lots of changes lately, both here and in the ‘real world.’ Sat, I moved to Killumbus, OH* (so any columbus folks looking to swap art, collaborate or just drink beer and talk about cats, hit me up), Sun/Mon was joined by the Beav** who helped me settle in with movies and curry aplenty and Tues I started a job at an auto parts store that shall remain nameless (Because you know all Very Important People in big corporations spend most of their time surfing the artblog world, and Care Very Much about them).

where am I going to paint tonight? oh, yeah, right HERE.

Changes aplenty here too- Updated the ‘Bio’ section and added some more links. I highly recommend you check out ‘those i know.’ Because I know them, and they’re doing things! Neat! Even more changes to come soon, too. I  want to make updates more regular and possibly more interesting than “Oi! Lookit. Me. Yes.”*** I’m planning on a monthly interviews with art and “not”art people (maybe twice or thrice a month once it gets going), more writings, collaborations/guest blogging**** as well as regular updates of things Actually Made by yours truly (especially now that I have space and freshly unpacked supplies and a working camera). Also also, I’ve made a Facebook page, so I can make these regular updates, without cluttering up my own newsfeed (truly a deep concern of mine.)

So yeah. Starting to feel a bit settled. Still plenty of boxes to unpack, but as I spent the past few days unpacking and have no work tomorrow, I hereby declare this evening dedicated to painting, rust, iced tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


i can has free couch?

recovering from the traumatic relocation.

*i am not this witty. I saw it on a poster and it made me think of deathmetal ganges tooling around Clintonville, which I love.


***still some, though. I mean, come on. Lookit.

****interested? crlynch2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

*****Four footnotes? for reals? Dear self, learn how to conduct a thorough train of thought. Also how to spell thorough without a dictionary.


In two weeks I can add another state to my slow but steady Midwest Domination. Unfortunately, as my teleportation powers have yet to manifest, this means I’ve got to pack and move. Updates will be few until then as my days will be simultaneously busy and boring.*

On the plus side, I have the makings and plans for a pretty serious box fort.**

*Weep not, for I know this causes you all much pain…
**Mission accomplished.


Was getting stir crazy and it’s been too rainy to ride my bike. Decided to ‘get out’ and explore! Have an adventure!

…Which meant going to the library branch I hadn’t visited yet. Where I spent a good hour and a half and where I left with four comics and a book on knitting.

(I think it’s safe to say I set a new record for cool.)

I finished/started a few drawings, some of which you can now see in the newly created ‘current work; image’ section (ooo, ahh.)