In the grand blogging tradition of What I Ate For Dinner-

not shown here is the brownie I ate in the kitchen waiting for it all to cook and the beer I'm having in a bit. All things in moderation, even veg.

This. Roasted quash with lime/chili sauce and cooked chard. Considering my greatest culinary accomplishment this week prior to this meal was a sub-par grilled cheese, I felt pretty good about it.

Oh wait, you wanted art things from an artblog? Oh fine.

Spent the evening painting, working on ‘homework’ for the Wex’s docent class and just generally gorging my brain on art*.

From the sketchbook:

I’m becoming more and more aware of the importance of ritual in the work I’ve been doing lately. It seems like every step of the mart-making process has to have some sort of meaning or reason behind it. The drawing/performance piece is pretty much the epitome of this.

I’d like to, as an experiment/exercise, try to make some thing(s) that are as random/spontaneous as possible.

(add to this swirling about my brain-soup those tiny, awesome little water colors by that artist, whose name I’ve of course forgotten, in ‘Herb and Dorothy.’)

So—I decided to finally use (read; destroy) that beautiful sketchbook Aunt B got me to do some inconsequential watercolors.

Only- in preparing to do so, I’ve somehow managed to turn this into its own ritualized process (regimented paper size, length of time, etc).

I can’t win.

*and chasing my cat around the house in an ever escalating, cut-throat game of ‘gotcha’ but that’s nothing new.