“Herstories and How-Tos” or, What I’ve Been Writing.

I think I’ve alluded on here that I’ve recently taken on another writing gig to help kick my arse into writing more (with the hope that eventually it will lead to writing better), but don’t think I ever actually linked it.

In case you’re curious,
are skeptical that I have been tinkering with the English language
(in a typographical sort of way) and require proof,
or if you happen to enjoy learning about dead ladies who rocked
and/or while learning useful skills to apply to your everyday life-
The link to the articles thus far can be found here.

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All that remains for ‘Remnants.



Officially done ‘making things’ for my piece for Remnants. All collages, curtains and sheets are sitting across from me, quietly whispering, ‘hooray’ and ‘you did it,’ and ‘well, almost, don’t get too cocky.’

Next projects include custom action figures, playing with sound, getting back on track with my tarot deck. First and foremost, though is the task of reclaiming my studio from chaos/instituting systems of storage (how novel!)


the aftermath.



What I found in the silence:

  • That I want to be better at writing
  • That I want to be better at coherently explaining my process/intent behind my work
  • That these things happen through practice
  • That I am not adult enough to practice either without the element of shame and accountability that come with a public forum such as here.


To these ends, I added some weekly writing time into my morning-studio mix. My rules* are simple: Publish something– once a Wednesday, every Wednesday, preferably with a few sentences of actual writing (by me) involved. Picture-only posts should be used only as a last resort. Following the Elizabeth Gilbert Principal of Creative Work, the something doesn’t have to be great, or even that prolific, what matters most is that I show up and keep showing up until I’ve tricked my habit-driven plodder of a brain into thinking that this is what we’re supposed to be doing. (My art practice really is like a big obsessive compulsive slow-moving beast of burden)

This past month has been full of internet outages (both frustrating and refreshing and entirely what I needed), ill-timed Wednesday morning meetings and intentional self-imposed-rule breaking as I get deeper and deeper into making for Remnants. But that’s the point of self-imposed rules, right? Looking to get back into the habit of stringing together scraps of English on a regular basis as the project continues to coalesce, and I turn my attention towards a) writing a statement and b) figuring out how I will answer when a loved one looks at the piece and says, “So….?”

In the meantime, let’s get excited about blue skies and the return of the sun:





*because I have to make rules, even if they exist solely to be broken. It’s worth noting too, that these are totally personal and arbitrary. Feel free to steal for your own purposes or disregard entirely

Rest dayz.

Rest dayz.

Any long distance runner will tell you that when preparing for a race, even more important than building mileage, even more important than pace runs and fartleks*, are rest days. For most athletes, this seems counter intuitive, but without taking a day to REALLY rest- your body and your brain get tired. This isn’t just a personal belief, it’s SCIENCE.

My running practice and art practice have always been intertwined for me, in part because my brain runs on kinetic energy and in part because both activities require/inspire the same feelings of endurance, quiet and the stubborn belief that what you’re doing is not crazy. So, after an amazingly intense mid-week trip to Muncie for the opening of Pareidolia, followed by an incredibly full and PACKED opening for Open Door’s first show of the season, This Inspired That, I declared Sunday an official Rest Day. Dirt was dug in, cupcakes were baked, walks were taken and Buffy was watched. I’d show you guys some pictures but I couldn’t be arsed to pick up a camera.

In case you missed either or both of the openings, here’s evidence that they happened and were AWESOME.

Yours truly smiling awkwardly. Just about managed to sneak away without any photos but Genny caught me on the way out.

Yours truly smiling awkwardly. Just about managed to sneak away without any photos but Genny caught me on the way out.


Click the image above to see the rest of the work

And keep your eyes on the Open Door Facebook page for pictures from This Inspired That.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s reading to be done and cats to be held.

*yeah. it’s a real word. And is almost as much fun to do as to say.