inviting interaction – (EYE find inspiration in the strangest places…)

So the other day, I was at work and I had to pee.

When I went to the employee bathroom, I saw this:


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slowly amassing remnants

In the absence of dimensions for the finished piece (which I should get tomorrow!)- I’ve just decided that the amount of bits I need is “a shit-ton”. More on what all this is/is for later. for now just enjoy the strangely seasonal color scheme and try to stay warm wherever you are.





As the idea comes together for this one I’ve been updating my analog tumblr…


Herstories and How-tos: Claude Cahun

So not only did I not stop blogging for good, I double not-stopped by volunteering* to write a monthly bit over on CAW (Creative Arts of Women)‘s blog. The column is called ‘Herstories and How-to’s’ (I really lobbied for Corpses and Crafts, but ultimately decided it might be off-putting.)

This month you can learn more about my current dead-lady obsession Claude Cahun, as well as three easy ways to fight The Man!

a picture of Cahun with a levitating cat that I desperately tried to work into the post.



*Isn’t that funny? They offer a monthly space with lots of eyes to practice writing and I get to call it ‘volunteering’. This is almost as good as the gig over at Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, where one ‘volunteers’ by cuddling bunnies. Living the philanthropic lifestyle really can be so trying.**

**But f’real, you can actually go volunteer to cuddle rabbits for an hour I’M SO THERE.

sorting materials and ideas

…as both start to slowly coalesce around a central gravity.
(When I told this to C he said I’ve been watching too much Cosmos. I’ve only seen three episodes, but as this conversation came on the heels of a dream that involved trying to watch Cosmos on the old set in Neil Degrasse Tyson’s seaside vacation home, it’s possible I’ve been watching Cosmos too intently .)