wonder box

Work on the wonder box continues. This week’s adventures include final tweaks to the cyclorama, paint, light tests, stars…




…and, soon, using these materials I ‘bought’ during a walk in the park (seen here in the bag and bucket)

Question: Let’s say you stumbled across a plain black box in an art museum that turned out to be a magic portal to a July night. Would you want to share that experience with others? How would you most like to share? Or would you want to keep it a secret for yourself?

a *wonderous* sneak peak of a current commission…

a *wonderous* sneak peak of a current commission…

Currently, in addition to the performances/installations I committed to earlier this summer for Sept/Oct, I’ve also taken on a collaboration, a commission and a thing called ‘Cosmika’.

Because all are in the make/think/plan stages and not quite ready for words, I’m going to just post a series of sneak peaks.

First, the commission.


knitting with straight pins. this is what crazy people do.

knitting with straight pins. this is what crazy people do.



three reasons to put on pants and get out of your house this week.

three reasons to put on pants and get out of your house this week.

If you happen to be in C-bus for any part of this week you are in luck. I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if you miss these events you are going to regret it. Possibly for forever. Can you live with that kind of regret? Do you want to try? Of course not.

So check these out. Or else live a tormented half-life of contrition. Your choice.

1) Strings Attached; The Living Tradition of Czech Puppets @ the Columbus Museum of Art.
Where: The CMA
When: Open Tues-Sunday 10a-5:30p, Thurs open until 8:30p
What: According to the website-

With more than 140 puppets and related set designs, masks, and costumes, dating from the 1850s to the present, Strings Attached explores the rich history of puppetry in the Czech Republic and its influence throughout the world. Through touch-screen monitors, exhibition visitors can view a sampling of productions and watch puppet-makers at work. This exhibition is organized by the Columbus Museum of Art, the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University, and the Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague.

Oh, also it’s cool as hell. There are puppets, there are videos, there are black lights, there is fascinating historical context, and  there’s this*:


Also this:


OH and a little of this*;

(life. size. puppets.) !!!

2) Vision Unveiled: Goodwill Art Studio and Open Door Art Studio
here: OSU’s Urban Arts Space

When: Opening reception this Thursday, May 16th, 6p to 8p
What: Oh, you know, only the best collection of Outsider and Visionary art up on display in Columbus.
Vision Unveiled features work from Goodwill Columbus’s art studio as well as new work from my homies at Open Door Art Studio. I have the amazing good fortune to work with ODAS artists and personally know artists from both. Even without knowing the artists, the depth and breadth of the work on display is impressive and a great survey of what’s going on in Columbus’s progressive art studios.

3) Rooms to Let: Summer Edition
Where: 219 N 22nd st, 194 N 22nd st, & 214 N 20th st.

When: Sat, May 18th, 4p to 9p
What: If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve been to this blog before. Now normally, I would feel like a dick for saying that my own artwork is something that you MUST see, but this isn’t just an installation of mine- this is 3 houses, 11 exhibits and TWENTY-EIGHT PLUS artists all using houses as their medium. Also there will be a taco truck. So yeah, maybe you don’t see my installation in particular? No biggie.  But  miss the whole day? You’ll rue it.

*all of which, incidentally, dovetailed nicely with this, which I’m currently reading. Review/thoughts to come when I’m all done.

Still alive, I promise.

Still alive, I promise.

Just busy.

Training for this. (after a brief break due to injury)

Still working on this
Which you can see better here:
Which was inspired by an impulsive stop during this trip and is inspiring several other Projects (still too early to say much).

And speaking of Secret Projects, remember this one?

ready to be sealed and sent

Probably not, but that’s okay, I do. Things will happen soon.

And speaking of things happening, what used to be this

Look! We have dirt!

now looks like this!

baby tomatoes

out of control zucchini siamese twins

And what was a casual interest in green things has bloomed (har. har.) into full scale obsession. The other day while running I almost took a bag of yard waste out of a neighbor’s yard because I needed some ‘brown matter‘ for my compost tub.

Also found out I got into a show! SOMArts’  Reversing the Gaze: Man as Object. Submitted my Pulp Series. The Perfect Gentleman will be on display, and (along with The Lone Wolf ) in the catalog as well. Woo!

And speaking of shows, participating in the Chain Letter Show.

Was hoping to use a piece I already had, due to the fast approaching deadline (July 3rd), but none fit the size restrictions. Decided instead to do an index card sized version of Lucy. Unfortunately, also due to said deadline, this is the only photo I got of it, as as soon as it was done it was shoved into an envelope and shipped off, hopefully in time.

AND as if that weren’t enough to keep idle hands busy, been investigating possible employment*. Because of uncontrollable budget hoo-ha, I no longer get paid for working with Artful Adventures.** Just when I was ready to accept that more of my life was going to get offered up to the bagel-altar of the Panera Gods, CMA came through for me again- I am now a Family Programs Assistant! It’s irregular work, but it’s paid and, hopefully, will help cover Necessary Evils such as rent and food and allow plenty of time to obsess over former First Ladies and talk to my zucchini.


*an annoyingly time-consuming act. Can’t you just trust me, future employers, that I’m right for X Job? Just give me a shot.
**no longer paid in US Currency, that is. I still get plenty of preschool magic for my efforts.

7 Reasons the Average Preschooler is More Fun Than You.*

7 Reasons the Average Preschooler is More Fun Than You.*

1. Silliness. Not only are most preschoolers sillier than their older human counterparts, they’re totally comfortable with being silly. In fact, in evaluating adults, the equation is often Coolness α Silliness.

2. They all respond to ‘Friend’- whether you’ve known them three years or three minutes.

3. The idea that weirdness/creepiness is anything less than socially acceptable has yet to be grasped.

4. All bodily functions, from walking upright, to rolling, to talking, to farting- all are still shiny and new and completely exciting.

5. Free hugs. For everyone.

6. The clothes: can you wear a polkadot coat with striped tights and glitter glue on no less than three articles of clothing? Without getting mocked by your peers? What about a tie-dye shirt+sweatpants+batman boots + CONfidence?

7. They’re better at tag. Who’s it?! Where’s base?! Who gives a shit-JUST RUN IN CIRCLES AND SCREAM WEEEEEEE!!

*or me.