slowly amassing remnants

In the absence of dimensions for the finished piece (which I should get tomorrow!)- I’ve just decided that the amount of bits I need is “a shit-ton”. More on what all this is/is for later. for now just enjoy the strangely seasonal color scheme and try to stay warm wherever you are.





As the idea comes together for this one I’ve been updating my analog tumblr…


Pausing in the ‘messy middle.’*

From Jacinda (who says it better than I can):

…I have tried to reconcile this, deciding if it is worthy to pursue (or too insular), but I can’t stop thinking about it. The concept refuses to fade away and I keep taking photographs. I may post a few of them over the next week or two while I formulate the words to describe what this means.



Tarot_01 1













*the ‘messy middle’ is a concept I first read about via Nina Simon. As a total completionist, I find this idea fascinating and scary, and have been experimenting with this concept.

Bridging the gap.

Sometimes I’m fairly convinced that the universe is trying to communicate with me via public radio. (Which, if this is the case, good work, Universe! I’m ALWAYS listening to public radio, and trust the the likes of Carl Castle, Terry Gross and Lynn Rossetto Casper with almost frightening implicity.*)

This past week, cosmic intervention took the form of the TED radio hour (as it sometimes does). I was flipping through the stations (let’s be honest, looking for some Journey to belt on the way home) when I heard the phrase ‘LOLcats.’ I, of course, immediately abandoned my search for the smell of wine and cheap perfume and tuned in to listen. Though I didn’t happen to catch all of the talk (The entirety of which, you can see here) the part I did manage to catch and which I’ve been mulling over like a tasty worther’s original, is this:

The stupidest creative act is still a creative act. The real gap isn’t’ between the mediocre and great work, the real gap is between getting started and doing nothing. If you’ve created something, even if it’s stupid, you’ve put yourself in a position to do more.

OH YEAH. Does anyone else periodically lose sight of the fact that we all started making art because at some point it just feels good? Or, to go a step further, does anyone else periodically discredit the creative acts they do based on an arbitrary scale of ‘worthy (i.e. labored over)’ and ‘stupid (i.e. fun’)? For now, let’s stop doing this and just take a moment to celebrate that for no logical or tangible reasons, we are creatures that make things, and sometimes these things are fun.

As a first step, here are some completely frivolous posters and cards that were made entirely for fun:




fabulist lecture poster_2


poster for Cosmika’s second gig.


A birthday card for the fella

“How do PIE love thee?”

'The Spirit of Texas,' a farewell gift to a friend, with John James Audubon playing the role of Steph, and Bobby Darren playing the role of the Spirit of Texas herself

‘The Spirit of Texas,’ a farewell gift to a friend, with John James Audubon playing the role of Steph, and Bobby Darren playing the role of the Spirit of Texas herself


I had a lot of fun making these, and there’s certainly some creative remixing happening here, but is this still…art? Is it a ‘lesser’ form of art than my large scale projects or even my drawings? “There is no such thing as bad art, there’s just ART, and things that are not”…but how can you tell which is which? Without the context of the gallery or museum to validate what you’re doing, how do you justify your work to the rest of the world? Or even to yourself? What am I doing awake past 10:30 and why am I trying to form words and/or thoughts? More questions and more ambiguous, ambivalent  ponderings to come as this stuff continues to rattle about in my head.


OH: And in case you were in need of more motivation to make things, check out my friend Sharon’s latest blog post, where you’ll find answers to all  your lame excuses AND a picture of the cutest dog in all of Ohio.



*Seriously. I once tried waiting until 9:30 to have my first cup of coffee, based on a report I heard on Morning Edition, with  tragic results.



There are a lot of reasons to hate Valentine’s Day, but then there are a lot of reasons to hate a lot of things.

For me, Valentine’s represents an opportunity for ridiculous Non-Serious Crafting. In the midst of the past month’s website buildingpseudohistorical performances and proposal writing, this girl was in serious need of some Non-Serious Crafting.

Smooshygooshy forced romantic overtures aside, it’s also nice to have a reason to tell people they rock. Especially in the form of mixed media collage. Especially in the form of mixed media collage featuring lady artists who (almost) as badass as your friends.
And most especially with puns.


Lee Bul, contemporary sculptor who represented Korea at the Venice Biennial. WHEN SHE WAS ONLY 35.


Cecilia Beaux, portrait painter with an outsized work ethic.


Frida Kahlo. Painter. Revolutionary. Personal Fashion Icon. Ask me sometime how much I love this lady and I will infovomit all over your face. Then I’ll tell you ‘a lot.’


Sally Mann, photographer and mother who quietly and unintentionally created controversy with photos of her children being real children, and then totally rocked it.

Louise Bourgeois, sculptor and founder of confessional art. Also awesome

Yoko Ono, the most unknown artist you’ve probably heard of. Like Valentine’s, there are a lot of reasons most people hate her, but even more to love her. Before John was in the picture (and after) Ono was a super badass fluxus artist, feminist, musician and peace activist.


Yvonne Rainer, an American performance/dance artist. When told that her lack of turnout and less than ideal body would prevent her from ever joining an established company, she pulled herself up by her capizio laces and created brand new work that was ‘challenging’ and ‘experimental.

Sarah Sze, one of my favorite installation artists who is also a CERTIFIED GENIUS.

Sarah Sze, one of my favorite installation artists who is also a CERTIFIED GENIUS.

Happy Valentine’s (or should I say Galentine‘s?) Day! Here’s hoping you spent it staying warm and telling people they’re awesome.

Hey, did I mention YOU’re awesome?

Tuesday Top or Bottom: Hannah Hoch VS. Raoul Hausmann

Those of you who know me beyond this blog already know this, but I still feel the need to come clean with the rest of the internet:

I, Cat Lynch, am a bonafide, sci-fi watching, Bladerunner loving, science junkieing, con-going, (occasional rpg-playing), comic loving nerd. I don’t claim to be the nerdiest of the nerds (a title harder to earn than even the most epic of mounts), but I do love, love a good comic.

That said, today’s top or bottom is in honor of my current comic obsession ‘Y the Last Man.‘ ‘Y’ begins with a mysterious plague that kills off every male mammal on the planet, with the exception of one, socially awkward twenty-something. Society crumbles, species die off, packs of crazed ‘Amazons’ roam the streets- it’s both hilarious and terrifying and SOLELY responsible for me writing this blog post post-10pm. (did you know you can get ALL TEN TRADES from the Columbus Library? I love this city.) And the illustrations, by Pia Guerra (*cue feminist fist pumping!*), are wonderful.

SO, this Tuesday’s Top or Bottom is a battle of the sexes*featuring that dynamic duo of DaDa;

‘The Art Critic’ by Raoul Hausmann


‘Indian Dancer’ by Hannah Hoch