The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

The Elephant in the Room/Blog.

Right before my impromptu summer-blog break I posted a few cryptic sentences about Employment Opportunities and Life Changes with the promise that I’d come clean once the dust settled. A few months (!) and several posts later I realized I never made good on this promise.

Cat, we come here for art and pictures of your cats- beyond that we don’t care.’

Totally cool. Feel free to skip to the bottom of the page for just that.
But I’ve been thinking a lot in the about why I still blog- I’ve set aside my initial aspirations for internet fame and book deals*, my friends/family are kept updated by calls and texts rather than checking here, and yet I still find myself updating this thing- why?

Two, totally selfish reasons- clarity and accountability.
Having a place where I have to put thought down into words- and those words into actual sentences- helps me take ideas and abstract concepts that are swirling in my brain in a nebulous cloud and funnel them into coherency. This is excellent, low-risk practice for when I have to do that to Real People of Import or write Artist Statements (since most galleries/grants won’t except photocopies of sketches and incoherent doodles. Rude.) And writing such thoughts here, rather than in my sketchbook makes me feel committed to an idea/project. Even if no one reads it but me, having it floating around in the public sphere shames me into Doing as much as Thinking.

So, whether you care or not, here’s what’s been going on in the world of Gainful Employ:

A few months ago I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime, now-or-never job as a teaching artist at the Columbus Museum of Art. Taking it, however, meant leaving the best job I’d ever had at Open Door Art Studio. Leaving Open Door, and the beautiful people who work and create there was possibly the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. It had nothing to do with Open Door and everything to do with me- it was a dream job but it wasn’t my dream. There were many tears, more hugs and even more encouragement from all my ODAS friends that enabled me to move forward. I say all that to clarify that when I talk about loving my job at CMA, it is not because I didn‘t love my job at Open Door. (SO MANY FEELINGZ.)

There was more planned but really, I think that’s enough navel-gazing for one day. You deserve some cats;

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

The Beast Dreams of Elysium

Summer is for Lovers.

Summer is for Lovers.

Hey lady, can't you see I'm trying to nap here?

Newt in Repose

coming soon to an arts fest near you...

coming soon to an arts fest near you…


three reasons to put on pants and get out of your house this week.

three reasons to put on pants and get out of your house this week.

If you happen to be in C-bus for any part of this week you are in luck. I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if you miss these events you are going to regret it. Possibly for forever. Can you live with that kind of regret? Do you want to try? Of course not.

So check these out. Or else live a tormented half-life of contrition. Your choice.

1) Strings Attached; The Living Tradition of Czech Puppets @ the Columbus Museum of Art.
Where: The CMA
When: Open Tues-Sunday 10a-5:30p, Thurs open until 8:30p
What: According to the website-

With more than 140 puppets and related set designs, masks, and costumes, dating from the 1850s to the present, Strings Attached explores the rich history of puppetry in the Czech Republic and its influence throughout the world. Through touch-screen monitors, exhibition visitors can view a sampling of productions and watch puppet-makers at work. This exhibition is organized by the Columbus Museum of Art, the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University, and the Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague.

Oh, also it’s cool as hell. There are puppets, there are videos, there are black lights, there is fascinating historical context, and  there’s this*:


Also this:


OH and a little of this*;

(life. size. puppets.) !!!

2) Vision Unveiled: Goodwill Art Studio and Open Door Art Studio
here: OSU’s Urban Arts Space

When: Opening reception this Thursday, May 16th, 6p to 8p
What: Oh, you know, only the best collection of Outsider and Visionary art up on display in Columbus.
Vision Unveiled features work from Goodwill Columbus’s art studio as well as new work from my homies at Open Door Art Studio. I have the amazing good fortune to work with ODAS artists and personally know artists from both. Even without knowing the artists, the depth and breadth of the work on display is impressive and a great survey of what’s going on in Columbus’s progressive art studios.

3) Rooms to Let: Summer Edition
Where: 219 N 22nd st, 194 N 22nd st, & 214 N 20th st.

When: Sat, May 18th, 4p to 9p
What: If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve been to this blog before. Now normally, I would feel like a dick for saying that my own artwork is something that you MUST see, but this isn’t just an installation of mine- this is 3 houses, 11 exhibits and TWENTY-EIGHT PLUS artists all using houses as their medium. Also there will be a taco truck. So yeah, maybe you don’t see my installation in particular? No biggie.  But  miss the whole day? You’ll rue it.

*all of which, incidentally, dovetailed nicely with this, which I’m currently reading. Review/thoughts to come when I’m all done.

Pinhole Photography Workshop – This Saturday (Maybe!)

Pinhole Photography Workshop – This Saturday (Maybe!)

Some of you may have noticed a woeful lack of content here at SheepGoMoo. This is not intentional or out of malice, but purely out of survival- Turns out that when Cat Lynch is rejected from established art venues, she gives said venues the big finger and decides to create her own opportunities (and say yes to anything that does come her way to puff up her sense of self worth). This has left me very happy but very very busy, trying to keep “all plates spinning” as it were.

One of those plates is THIS:

Which, as of right now, is in danger of being cancelled- But YOU can help! All you have to do is sign up, show up, and have a good time. Easy-peasy! Not only will you have a good time, not only will you leave filled with new found knowledge, not only will you create and take home your very own camera, you will also make myself, Jeff Sims, and all of the Columbus Museum Happy. How can you refuse?

All relevant info is on the above poster.

See you Saturday!!

Fate, in all its many forms.

Fate, in all its many forms.

I know it’s quaint (and some will say silly), but I truly believe that things happen for a reason.
Despite my previous whining about not getting accepted to shows, I suddenly find myself with more than enough to do and barely enough time to do it.

My proposal for an art activity booth at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Fest has been accepted. Rather than a make&take craft, we’ll be curating the first ever Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum- a visitor created museum celebrating the site of the arts fest. Then, in October I’ll be doing a ‘Make.Do’ adult workshop at the CMA, combining paranormal investigation with pinhole photography. (more about both events in the near future). Add curating a show with no budget before and the usual holiday flurry (and my yearly efforts to gift without supporting the Corporate Machine or step foot in a mall) after, a couple of given shows put on by arts organizations I’m a part of, and the constant compulsion to just keep making shit and you have a Cat that needs no additional deadlines to keep her hands from idling.

Speaking of the constant compulsion to make, my obsessive collection of obsessive collections continues-
During a trip to an antique store last weekend I found an inexplicable stack of cards that accompany bouquets, specifically sympathy bouquets. As if this wasn’t weird enough to sell me, each has adescription of the bouquet on the back.

Each name on the front is different (and don’t appear to be any relation)

…but the handwriting on the back appears identical. The work of a morbidly organized florist?

Tied with a bow. Of course.

Updates on how I plan to commemorate this awesome find coming soon.

im in ur museumz talkin to ur kidz.

Recently, at the gracious invitation of Jen G, I got to go to CMA  to talk to Project Pivot; the coolest group of teens I’ve met (and so stylish! Maybe it’s because I’m from Indiana, and the 90’s but these kids looked awesome.) This was also the first time since college that anyone asked me to think about my artistic practice and turn it into something serious and coherent (which was eye-opening). The group’s working on social practice within art, something in which I have a large interest.

After a brief talk about how I became ‘a painter who doesn’t,’ they helped to create the Third public performance of what is now known as ‘The Letterbox Project.” (if you were near Broad Street around 2pm you might’ve seen it.) They. Were. Awesome.At one point I asked “What do you guys think it takes to become an artist?” Had you asked me that five years ago I probably would’ve said “Uh, graduate from art school? Go to grad school? Have someone buy my things?” These guys responded with answers like “passion.” “risk-taking” “keep working on your skills.” Rock. I can’t wait to hear what they decide to do for their project.

Big screen!

Thanks, for making me seem tech savy to a group of Gen Z'ers!

An impromptu, DRAMATIC reading of Laura's drawing. You go!

Also got to hear Kenay Kash speak, which was mind-blowing. I’ve known Kenay for a while through our mutual involvement with CMA, but I had no idea he designed the Metal Head connector in the Wonder Room. Or that he was a complete artistic badass. Be sure to check out his other site, too- Puntitler.


A photolog of the past week or so.

First- One of Jen’s adventure bag. Want to know more? Ask her, maybe she’ll even let you check one out.

deciding where to nap is G's daily adventure.

My (now) buried treasure.

And then there was Pulpfest 2011.

the spoils.

And speaking of pulpish things, a peek at a reference photo for the next installment of the Correspondence Campaign.

No photos of it, but researched and found a location for the next Thing. (coming to a library near you, this fall…)

plus stuio time

more studio time.

took a break from studio to build (and poorly photograph) a long promised spice rack

To promote her upcoming movie, Miranda July has a website where you can instantly have your fortune told, as well as sign up for bi-weekly updates about your fate from MJ. Of course I signed up. Worth it, just for this:

Then, a week or so ago I found this while cleaning connectors at the museum:

Which totally relates to one of the Things- and therefore all of the Things- and which will most definitely reappear as it’s own Thing.