No weekly practice piece this week.

Instead, I was busy using the other half of my brain, working on THIS

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 2.17.35 PM


Creating a serious-looking portfolio with a url that didn’t involve sheep has been a secret goal of mine for the past year or so- one that was delayed for so long, in part, because this time last year I felt way insecure about What Kind of Artist Am I and What Is This Thing I’m Doing. 2012 felt like a year full of thinking and doing and while I’m still definitely working on the answers to both of those questions, I’m feeling less like ‘recent artschool graduate’ and more like an artist proper. 2012 was also a year filled with lots of work, the documenting and digitally displaying of which became a task to large and unwieldy for a simple wordpress site.

To build and host my new site, I decided to go with Other People’s Pixels. Their interface is beautifully designed and easy enough even a Luddite like yours truly can navigate it fairly easily. The real difficulty in building the site was sorting through my hellish jumble of image files. Making a website turned out to be like moving. I kept finding myself yelling variations of “Where did all this shit come from?!”

This week was also full of fun extracurriculars like the current show at the OSU Urban Arts Space:

Mark Beyer: With/Without Text

Holy hell. If you have even ten minutes to check this show out, please do. The sheer amount of stuff is overwhelming, and all of it is awesome. Mad props to Mark Beyer for making it and awesome Columbus art collector and Outsider Art Champion, Tom Wagner for making it happen.

If you have more than ten minutes, pleasePLZ wander over to the other side of the gallery and check out Constructing James Castle.

found paper with unknown color, soot and JAMES CASTLE’S OWN SPIT.

James Castle was a self taught, deaf artist who spent his life in rural Idaho making drawings and miniature sculptures that have been haunting my dreams. The show itself is wonderfully curated as well. Each drawing is framed in such a way that they end up feeling like tiny, sacred objects. The Wexner Center is presenting a documentary about Castle next Tuesday and friends, the exhibition at the OSU Urban Arts Space is so good I’m forgoing $6 Tuesdays at Gateway to go see it.

Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum – Coming soon!

Northam Park Natural Art and History Museum – Coming soon!


This weekend has been an especially lovely one- Saturday began with a visit to the farmer’s market and ended late and sloppy at an end of summer luau where, in between tiki drinks and with the help of some very talented actors, I captured footage for the Northam Park Natural Art And History Museum (coming soon!) Click on the link or any of the above screen shots to see how the museum can help you in your mind and body health.

STUFF AND THINGS – Press for Outside/In

STUFF AND THINGS – Press for Outside/In

Remember that show I mentioned a month ago and have not stopped talking about since, the show that think about all the time, the show that has stolen my sleep, sanity and personal sanitation?

Look! Publicated proof of its existance!

Preview in Columbus Alive

Front Row Center (Greater Columbus Arts Council’s monthly newsletter)

GCAC Presents in Columbus Underground (by yours truly)

Hopefully reading these has you thoroughly intrigued and as excited about Saturday as I am.
(Minus the stress diarrhea.)