It’s like candy! For your computer and brain!*

So, true to form, the first two months of summer were spent with a lack of ideas or motivation to make anything new, beyond doodles. Now, as moving day rapidly approaches and more and more artstuff is put into boxes, all I want to do is paint or draw or make things out of pantyhose.
Instead, I’ve been keeping track of all ideas and distracting myself/filling my brain with internet goodness. For those of you also needing a temporary distraction, I offer up the following;
Art House Co-op – very very cool. Traveling sketchbook show, mini sketch-projects, a sketchbook library? Definitely participating next month if possible.
my love for you is a stampede of horses – well maintained art-blog updated daily with info, studio visits, interviews. Where I found This Lady->
MOBA – Museum of Bad Art
Hyperbole and a Half – a new favorite
XKCD – an old favorite.
Badder Homes & Gardens – “If you’ve ever gotten nauseous watching Martha Stewart, then this delightfully sarcastic—yet still useful—site is for you.”

For we are bound by symmetry

Going to be in Muncie during July? There’s gonna be some good things a-happening…

A Family of Curiosities 3, coffee and watercolor

(details to come soon)

Other things of note:
-New stuff up under Writing! Well, old things, newly posted.
-The large stack of comics awaiting my eyeballs this weekend.
-Finally getting my digital camera fixed! Good bye mobile photos and crappy scans!
-Have been to four fests in the past month (including Germanfest and IMAF )
-Discovery ; mulberries can be made into muffins