New Work: Decomposition

New Work: Decomposition

A few pieces from the series Decomposition; all cells break down, exploring memory and entropy.

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Lamentation of the Late Bloomer’, Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012

The fruits of last week’s encaustics session.
I’m getting to an age where childhood still feels fresh and vivid, but enough time has passed that the specifics have become blurred, the edges softened and stories blended. ‘Lamentations of a Late Bloomer” is part of a larger series attempting to catch hold of these specific feelings. Each found image is hidden under a layer of pattern, taken from a  quilt that is also starting to grow thin from time and use.

These three pieces will actually be UP FOR SALE FOR REAL U.S. CURRENCY at the Columbus Arts Festival, next weekend, June 1,2, and 3 . Just look for them with the rest of the CAW ladies in the Big Local Art Tent. (And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by to say ‘hi’ to Wallace)

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Cross My Heart and Hope to Die,’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012.

Cat Lynch 2012

‘Eenie, Meenie, Minie.’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012

‘Best Friends Forever,’ Cat Lynch, watercolor and encaustic on found image, 2012


Also, I’ve been playing around with the appearance/layout of my blog. Feedback welcome!

New work, freshly cleaned pages and plugs for CMA and Isabella Rossellini

New work! Series of small graph-paper drawings.

'I'm Ira Glass," water and graphite on graph paper

'Let England Shake" thread on graph paper.

'Lucy,' thread and watercolor on graph paper.

"Let the Record Show." watercolor on graph paper.

"The Real Folk Blues" thread and found image on graph paper

Also posted under the shiny, newly cleaned up ‘Work’ section. Go ahead. Scroll over. Behold the simplified beauty. I’ll wait.

Nice, right? The old format, organized by media was just…lame. Especially coming from someone who rails against segregation by media (painters paint, sculptors sculpt. Lame.).

And speaking of reorganization, if you’re in the greater Columbus area, you should totally check out the newly renovated Columbus Museum of Art.
Rather than organize the galleries by chronology or region, the galleries are arranged by subject with names like “Love and War” “New Materials” and the new exhibit, “Shared Intelligence” about the symbiotic relationship between painting and photography is just fantastic.

And if you’re outside looks like mine (rainy, chilly, awesome blanket and book weather) and you don’t feel like leaving, check this out: Green Porno.
(Two minute documentaries about animal mating habits. Narrated by Isabella Rossellini. While wearing paper costumes and acting them out.)

New work…kind of.

Over the past year or so, my drawings have become more and more like mini-, private performances, almost like rituals. This leads to the question- if a performance is private, does it still ‘count’ ? What’s the ‘point’? How can one document a performance without help from other people? If a private performance is documented, does this it’s private-ness? Does a performance even need an audience?
(please feel free to respond! most of these questions are still just questions begetting more questions.)
Anyway, over the past several weeks I’ve been working on a series of drawings about repetition, tedium, and, as always, control vs. chaos. And this is what it looks like
Also permanently posted in That which is more act than object
(I think this also makes the case for why more people watch musicians make music, than watch artists make art.)
Also, The Correspondence Collaboration Continues! Got an awesome card from Laura that is both funny and disgusting (two of my favorite things) and which you can see here. I already have a thought of what to do back, so be on the lookout for that.

in my brain: Entropy

We talk a lot in the art world about ‘archival quality’ and preservation. Our culture even has an entire industry built around keeping our empty bodies safe from rot, long after we’ve ceased to inhabit them. The truth is, though, the only things guaranteed to last for forever, is the fact that nothing lasts forever. And really, the ephemerality of everything is what makes existence precious. I mean, watch any Christmas Special where some dumb kid wishes for it to be Christmas everyday, and before you can say “20 minute moral” the little twerp’s already sick of it. Beyond the way material things break down, systems, ritual, memory- even the intangible is subject to the workings of entropy.

Started two series of paintings/drawings that’ve been floating about in my brain for a while. One of which, I’d started before the move and both of which have to do with the ideas of order and entropy, the eventual break-down of these systems. The first, which you can now see up in Image, is also an exploration of a material I’ve been wanting to try for a while now- rust.

the very, very beginnings of oxidation