Jumpin Jeeminie, it’s another BCR Collaboration Update!

Jumpin Jeeminie, it’s another BCR Collaboration Update!

Before meeting up at the Herot last week, Beth said “Old Lady feets (our codename for the drawing in question) is looking Realgood.”

And she was! And then I hacked her to bits.

Drawing 3, version 6 (...i think? my naming/record keeping for this project is less than stellar)

close up of the paper mechanics- pushed in...

...and pulled out

For having started out with a completely impulsive action (cutting out the eye for the previous drawing), the piece ended up being pretty connected to other projects going on/the current Body Criticism chapter/my brain in general. You’ll have to live in suspense, though as I spent the day working the Wonder Room at the CMA’s Family Day f0r Columbus City Schools  and open the Paneradise tomorrow.

Enjoy this instead. Way more entertaining than mah yammerin.