Upcoming Show – Auto.Bio.Graphical

Remember those ‘good things’ I mentioned coming to Muncie in July? Three words – “FREE” “PUNCH and “COOKIES,”  (three very good words), available at the Artist Within in downtown Muncie, July 1st. 

building frames for a series of drawings

Oh, and the tasty treats will be provided in conjunction with the opening of Auto.Bio.Graphical, paintings and drawings by yours truly, focusing on themes of autobiography, narrative and chance.
(Just dropped off the work, feeling more ‘grown-up’ than is probably merited.)

While most of it’s older, from the past year or so, none of it’s been shown outside of class critiques or my parent’s living room, and this is the first time I’ve sought out a venue, organized and framed my own show outside of the comforting bosom of academia.


the finished product

...times nine. thank you obsessive compulsion.

‘Russia should be go by now.’

In the library and the gentleman working at the computer across from me is playing a computer game.

I hope.

Because if not, we have been taken, and it’s not long before the Russians fall as well.

Though a part of me also hopes that while the rest of us spend our evening with outlines and projects and facebook and tests, close by is some one really doing something.

an open letter.

Dear brain,

Up until now, we here at Cat Lynch have been very pleased with your performance. That being said, however, lately we’ve noticed a distinct lack of focus and blatant, blithe denial of  academic responsibilities.

I write this, not as a warning but as a reminder. The thesis show may be up, but there remain three weeks in this last semester (three weeks, I might add, for you to finish all those tasks which have been put off in favor of aforementioned show). I know it may seem that we have no leverage, as we cannot fire you, without causing sever distress to our organization, but we have ways of reducing your diet to Jane Austen and reality tv shows. And we mean it.

Thank you for your time


Senior Thesis Show (no, seriously.)

AND almost done with the pieces themselves. (which means over a month of lovely free studio space to play in). Install on the 11th, opening the 15th.

Mucho Gusto to my friend B for the postcard design (she also does freelance work if you’re interested).

Goodwill Project Entry 5

Long time no see, was busy, locked in battle with the beast known as Fall Semester Finals, from which I’ve returned more or less victorious (huzzah!) Am meeting with a professor the first week or so to photograph a bunch of it.

Significant changes to the Goodwill Project. Went to the Muncie store to find Painting #2, but it apparently had been sold! At first a part of me was upset, especially after my success in finding #1. After some initial wandering about the store, trying to figure out what to do, I grabbed a small jewelry box and a few odds and ends that fit in it, intending to make Goodwill Painting #4 to continue the project.

This eventually became a sort of memorial piece to the original painting.  (photo coming after my shoot in Jan) After some thought, and  feedback during my final watercolor critique, I decided to do away with my 3 x’s 3 idea (taking three, rotating three times). Instead, I’m going to keep rotating the remaining two, documenting like I’ve done so far, until they’re gone, after which I’ll do two more memorial pieces. The final display, then, would be these three pieces surrounded by the photos, receipts, detritus, etc relating to each.

Other than that, the past few days have been spent sleeping, reading, drinking entirely too much coffee- the way breaks should be spent.

In which I try to distract with sequins and rage

Many new things to update, especially in regards to my current Goodwill project. However, it’s also finals week, and my brain’s currently a bit melted.

…So you get this instead!

Georges would like to take this chance to wish you a Meow-y Christmas.