A photolog of the past week or so.

First- One of Jen’s adventure bag. Want to know more? Ask her, maybe she’ll even let you check one out.

deciding where to nap is G's daily adventure.

My (now) buried treasure.

And then there was Pulpfest 2011.

the spoils.

And speaking of pulpish things, a peek at a reference photo for the next installment of the Correspondence Campaign.

No photos of it, but researched and found a location for the next Thing. (coming to a library near you, this fall…)

plus stuio time

more studio time.

took a break from studio to build (and poorly photograph) a long promised spice rack

To promote her upcoming movie, Miranda July has a website where you can instantly have your fortune told, as well as sign up for bi-weekly updates about your fate from MJ. Of course I signed up. Worth it, just for this:

Then, a week or so ago I found this while cleaning connectors at the museum:

Which totally relates to one of the Things- and therefore all of the Things- and which will most definitely reappear as it’s own Thing.


The Goodwill Show – Success!

The Goodwill Show – Success!

Was able to successfully sneak all three pieces plus labels into the store without attracting any undue attention to myself. Also got to see two of my best friends, Kifer and  J, the awesome Hannah Barnes, and spend some quality time with my parents.

Even with the labels and the artist’s statement nearby, it was interesting to see how much they blended in to the rest of the knick-knackery. Also interesting was how differently I saw the store. I’ve been in Goodwill’s since the last phase of the project, but not with ART in mind. Further plans for covert thriftstore shenanigans to come fer sher.*

En Route (inspiration for a spontaneous project later in the weekend)

the Artist contemplating Deep Things.

To document the show, I used a generic disposable camera (the kind I used out of necessity in the beginning of the project) You can see more pictures of the pieces themselves Here. I left the pieces where they were on the shelf, to be bought like the paintings were, so if you’re in or around Muncie, check it out.

Also to come this week: the final instal from All The Pretty Trees! An ‘Adventure’! In progress painting pictures! Mary Todd Lincoln! Tales of Beauracracy! Thrilling updates about Real Life Things! Pictures of my cat and plants I haven’t killed yet! More excessive punctuation!?! You bet!!!

Nam June Paik?

*Why haven’t we found a way to make sleep optional yet?

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

be there!

So here’s the deal:

The show will officially start at 7, in the Muncie Goodwill (address above), in the shelves with all the knick-knack-ery.  Highly recommended to get there a bit before, though as I’m following a sagely sculptor/teacher/mentor/friend’s advice- “Ask for forgiveness instead of permission”and am not sure how long it’ll be before I’m asked to stop. While there probably won’t be refreshments (I feel food is a big part of openings, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed in the store.), the three pieces on display will be for sale* as well as free photos/postcards from the project to the first interested viewers.

For those of you new to the Project, you can read the whole story here.

And for those of you closer to Columbus, at the same time on the same day (June 17th @7pm) my work(above) will be up at It Looks Like It’s Open, in a show called “All the Pretty Trees” You can find out more about the show, and everyone else who’s in it Here.


*100% of the profits will go to Goodwill.Even if they don’t know it…

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

Back from a pretty fantastic Easter weekend in Funcie. Friday I got so see my parents followed by a room-mate reunion at my favoritefavorite bar in the whole world, the Herot. Saturday was spent doing family things with both mine and Boyfriend’s family (including, but not limited to, playing horse, seeing a horse, pie and an easter egg hunt) followed by more beer with more friends, and Sunday was even more family things. Only a bare minimum of sleep was had, and I still feel like I didn’t see everyone I wanted to. A wonderful ‘problem’ to have.

See the sights!

Beth M. (of the BCR Drawing collaboration) also brought the lastest incarnations of the three drawings with her to the Heorot and so the collaboration continues! Updates to come. (as well as a commission, altered book/collaboration, installation project and all of the rando. drawings this warm weather keeps planting in my brain. Too many ideas- another beautiful, awesome problem.) Here’s what’s done so far:

Drawing 1.5 (ignore line down the middle, I got excited and started before I took the picture.)

Drawing 2.5

Drawing 3.5 aka 'old lady Feets.'

I know I’m a day late, but speaking of Easter (and Passover, and Earth Day and May Day, etc.) I highly recommend checking out Art 21’s  episode about Art and Spirituality. Not only does it feature my homegirl Ann Hamilton, I think it also does a nice job addressing the connection many artists feel between their spiritual and artistic lives. I tend to be pretty mum about my own beliefs, as most short, easy titles like the ‘C-word’ lump me into the same catagory as these assholes:

But my belief in a God who creates and loves and laughs is, to quote my friend Kasey,

…not just a set of superstitions I have chosen to believe in. It is not something that makes me less intelligent, less independent, less forward thinking. My faith is an essential part of my identity. It is wrapped up in the fiber of my being and is the way I live my life.

So yes.  I believe in treating even the most hateful outsider the same way you would a brother,I believe in free speech, I believe in gay rights, I believe in evolution, I believe in taking care of each other, I believe bodily functions are funny, I believe in a fundamental Goodness and all this because of, not in spite of, my belief in God.


Oh, um, and here’s a picture of a (healing) rash.

mysterious rash that appeared in my armpit after the Octopus Project concert. It's not everyday one gets such a mysterious and interestingly shaped rash. Unless that 'one' is me.

Happy monday!

things seen and not heard.

New stuff!

Just finished a few illustrations for a story in Miami University’s literary magazine, Things Heard and Not Seen by Eileen Bordy (gig thanks to my friend Kasey). Unpaid, but a nice bit of exposure and validation. The story itself is full of some great grotesque descriptions, and anxiety.

Work over at Sean’s is on a bit of hiatus, as Sean and Katie spend a few weeks at MassMOCA installing ‘Ruse’. (you can read about it, as well as see some installation photos over on MassMOCA’s blog here). Unfortunately, due to the complications of work,adulthood, rent-paying and an impending family vacation (which I am quite looking forward to) I was unable to go. Qué será. You can’t stay away forever Mr. LeWitt.

Speaking of impending vacation, been trying to get as much done before leaving, putting together some proposals, taking a page from my man Morandi, and working on a monster-image-heavy post to make up for two solid text blocks of self-serving whinging.

turnip study, watercolor.

validation in the form of repetition

After a month of Darger-esque life, with APCMAB days and hermit-like nights, I’m doing art things!

(I mean other than watching Art21 by myself and reading about William Wegman outloud to my cat)

Not getting paid a damn thing and loving it entirely. Last week I was accepted into and started the Wexner Center’s docent training program, which combines my love of arts and community education and also getting to the Wex for free on a weekly basis.

And this week I started working as a studio assistant for Columbus artist Sean Foley. This evening I repetitively sanded the edges of plastic squares for two hours and, and I say this with absolutely no irony, loved. it. I’ve missed this strange little world.

People Who Make and Do Neat Things-Adam Houston

(Here it is! As promised! the first ever, bi-monthly interview with someone doing Neat Things.* Each interviewee is asked five basic questions (who, what, where, when, why) and asked, not only to find an answer but also the question they wish to answer.

This month we get to hear from Adam Houston, a senior painting major at Ball State University. Adam’s work ranges from highly illustrative drawings to near sculptural paintings using everything from traditional media to experimental substances such as tar and rust.

WHO would you never like to meet?
Clement Greenberg. It’d be really, really hard for me to enjoy a conversation with him, I think.

WHAT would you make if time/money were not an issue?
Well, my paintings tend to be small and inexpensive, just because of the way I’m interested in working, so really if I had an unlimited budget I’d probably focus on building a space: someplace to sleep, with studios and maybe a gallery.

ately I’ve been interested in architecture that uses recycled and reused building materials. I just don’t see much point in buying NEW things if there are perfectly acceptable used alternatives available and already made? I love the idea of raiding junkyards and warehouses to build my space: it’d be a treasure hunt of epic proportions.

WHERE do you do your best work?
NOT at home. In studios, under trees, at work, whatever. Just, NOT at home. Which, sooner or later, when studios are no longer easily available, I should work on changing. I either need to correct my studio habits so that I CAN work at home, or develop new methods of working that allow me to take my studio process anywhere. Either one has interesting prospects

WHEN do you think clearest?
I don’t. Ever. My mind is constantly buzzing and rarely focused, and more and more I’m realizing it’s a severe handicap that’s not going to get better. I just have to have the discipline to work through it.

WHY didn’t you say that?
I was small and shy and probably a little intoxicated.

BONUS- could you please write a haiku about the worst thing you ate this week?
I will never rid
my palate of bitter bug juice.
Rest in Peace, Spider.