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Studios, collections, spaces for exploration and discovery, permaculture, self-sustaining ecologies, learning ecologies, living lightly, living deeply, the connection between life and artistic practice, collections, our intrinsic need to touch natural materials, space and aesthetics, summer.

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April- Done / Undone

April- Done / Undone
seedlings planted / unsprouted and unsuccessful

seedlings  /  …seedlings?

Dishes done / unput away paint chosen / uncommitted

picked a color / but remain uncommitted

naps / more naps

naps / more naps

intentional beets / accidental garlic

intentional beets / accidental garlic

brussels sprouts /  chard / broccoli

brussels sprouts / chard / broccoli / dreaming of summer stir frys

violets / unruly grass, reveling in our lack of mower ownership (until today)

violets / unruly grass, reveling in our lack of mower ownership (until today)

odds are good i ate this flower.

odds are good i ate this flower.

[am I the only one who think the word ‘chard’ sounds vaugely dirty?]

[am I the only one who think the word ‘chard’ sounds vaugely dirty?]

I’ve mentioned on here before that after art (and cats, and sci fi, and lost causes, and soapboxes) gardening- specifically gardening things I can eat- is high on my list of passions. In my dreams, I’ve started a gardening blog a lá YouGrowGirl where I write self deprecatingly about the trials and triumphs of urban gardening- which eventually leads to a book deal, a string of community gardens across the Midwest and the eventual vacating of my day job to spend my days painting, growing and writing.

Since this dream is about as likely right now as my other dream of building a time machine and joining a Japanese all girl leather-clad 90’s punk ensemble,I indulge in small doses. Like documenting this complimentary-colored chard that, despite an epic battle with flea beetles, survived long enough to become dinner last night.

Cat Lynch 2012

om nom.

CLynch 2012

George loves him some greens

CLynch 2012

seriously a pretty plant. planning on growing a ton more just for the visual.

The chard ended up being part of a chard-apple-onion frittata from Lynn Rosetto-Casper’s book How to Eat Supper.

(No pictures of the finished product because, as with most of my cooking, the finished product was not nearly as pretty as the ingredients.)

Newt! (or, the laundry list of why I haven’t been at my computer lately)

Newt! (or, the laundry list of why I haven’t been at my computer lately)

This past week, and the week to follow, have been packed full of things. Things such as

  • Getting ready for Wallace to be in the Columbus Arts Festival
  • Going with Wallace to the Columbus Arts Festival
  • Finishing my own work for the Big Local Art Tent.
  • Getting ready for our next opening at Open Door (Figurative Language– come check it out!)
  • Putting together show proposals and juried show entries (all due this week or next)
  • Prepped and executed the first ever Pinhole Photography Picnic Pworkshop (success! thanks again!)
  • all of the end of the month paperwork hoopla at work deemed MOST NECESSARY by the Medicaid Powers That Be.
  • Early summer time-sensitive gardening tasks
  • the most minimal amount of personal hygiene needed not to offend
  • the daily business of eating, sleeping, living, etc.

So in the midst of all of this, I thought to myself ‘ self, you know what you need?’

A kitten.

Specifically, the tiny, snotty, smelly, sad-sack of a rescue kitten that arrived at the Cat Lynch Home for Wayward Kitties last Sunday. Some antibiotics, a few baths and lots of cuddles later, ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to Newt!**

basking in the glow of impending internet fame.

Named for the nearly as adorable/badass little girl in the 1986 CLASSIC James Cameron film, Newt has already firmly entrenched herself into my stupid bleeding heart. Expect many more pictures to come, especially as Newt and the Georges get to know each other***

And if one kitten wasn’t enough, Newt also came with brother, who I’m currently fostering. The huge-hearted woman I work with who rescued the two christened the dude’ Franklin, though in keeping with house rule 75 (‘thou shalt bestow names gleaned only from the annals of history/pop culture), we’ve been calling him Dr. Franklin. And as happy as we are to keep Franklin while he’s on walkabout****, this guy does need a good home. So if you or someone you know lives in the Columbus area and is looking to make their lives a little more adorable, pass this along (lest I end up like Arline Conradt.)

*we’ve been watching a large amount of Metalocolypse which has a surprising amount of kitty humor.
**unless we work together, in which case you’ve already been introduced by the daily batch of cell phone photos and rambling narratives about her latest goings ons.
***Remember back in the adolescent days of this blog when Things My Cat Did featured heavily in the content? Now that we’ve gotten a new channel in our version of cable (a.k.a. cat watching) I might have to bring that back. Maybe as a weekly Feline Friday? thoughts?
****if you giggled at this we can be friends. Friends who watch a lot of Babylon 5

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” –Francis Bacon

“Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” –Francis Bacon

Eesh! Two weeks into July and no posts since June? Egads.

Been working on three related projects- All having to do with the idea of history, story, truth, Truth, infamy and pop-culture. A preview of part 2:


in detail.

Also been busy with another, project of sorts. I don’t want to go into it for  several reasons.I will say, though that I’m pretty hopeful, and should know soon (which means you’ll know soon too, Internet, so we can celebrate together!).

And, it’s summer. Days are gloriously long and hot, everything’s green, gallons of sun tea are being made and consumed, my dirt addiction is growing (along with a pretty impressive collection of mosquito bites), the Wex is showing Japanese double features, there are fireflies in the back yard and Jeni’s right down the road-  In other words, a hot laptop and bright screen have fallen significantly on the list of Things I Want to Do. I will try to be more consistant, but really, it’s summer. You should all be outside too. Don’t worry, the internet will wait.

(some inspiration.)

Overview: original cucumber's starting to perk up a bit, plus the few seeds I threw in have already sprouted.

G appreciates fresh cut herbs.


macro-lens huzzah!


the siamiese twin zucchini plants, officially out of control. (foot provided for scale)