Tuesday Top or Bottom: Hannah Hoch VS. Raoul Hausmann

Those of you who know me beyond this blog already know this, but I still feel the need to come clean with the rest of the internet:

I, Cat Lynch, am a bonafide, sci-fi watching, Bladerunner loving, science junkieing, con-going, (occasional rpg-playing), comic loving nerd. I don’t claim to be the nerdiest of the nerds (a title harder to earn than even the most epic of mounts), but I do love, love a good comic.

That said, today’s top or bottom is in honor of my current comic obsession ‘Y the Last Man.‘ ‘Y’ begins with a mysterious plague that kills off every male mammal on the planet, with the exception of one, socially awkward twenty-something. Society crumbles, species die off, packs of crazed ‘Amazons’ roam the streets- it’s both hilarious and terrifying and SOLELY responsible for me writing this blog post post-10pm. (did you know you can get ALL TEN TRADES from the Columbus Library? I love this city.) And the illustrations, by Pia Guerra (*cue feminist fist pumping!*), are wonderful.

SO, this Tuesday’s Top or Bottom is a battle of the sexes*featuring that dynamic duo of DaDa;

‘The Art Critic’ by Raoul Hausmann


‘Indian Dancer’ by Hannah Hoch



D is for Desmond, thrown out of a sleigh.

It’s SecondWinter.

For those of you not from the midwest, those of you whose exotic locales feature a scant four seasons, let me explain; Every year, around the end of February, the sun returns. We all know it’s way too early to really be spring, but who are we to argue with ¬†melting snow, singing birds, freshly cleared bike paths? Then, just when we’ve decided to surrender our satisfying winter grumps for tentative happiness, something like this happens:

freezing rain with a side of despair.

freezing rain with a 60% chance of despair.

Followed, usually, by another month or two of winter. I’ve said before that nothing trains you for disappointment like the Midwest (weather), but SecondWinter gets everyone, every time.

This year, though, i’ve decided to try and take SecondWinter in stride. Cold and windy? Hot Cocoa! Icepuddles?* Fun boots! Grey, rainy, icy, grey, brown, grey grey grey outside? Perfect for ghost stories and the grotesque. So, inspired by SecondWinter, Neil Gaiman and my perpetual love of all things cheerfully gruesome, I give you:


the inspiration behind the post, Dave McKean, Illustrator of the US edition of The Graveyard Book.

Aubrey Beardsley; victorian artist, dandy and all-around badass.

Ernst Haeckel. Late 19th Century like Beardsley, but more importantly, aesthetically similar in my mind

Speaking of art+biology+love+gross, Joseph Scheer (be sure to click the picture. The article linked is pretty great.)

Jessica Joslin's disgusting menagerie is disgustingly adorable.

Jessica Harrison. So. Much. Go to her site (click) and look at everything. Teeth? Zombies?! Victorians?!! yes.


Fellow Columbusian, Mary Jo Bole

Hannah Hoch, one of the few women of Dada


Ann Hamilton’s pieces with hair are gross. And awesome. And totally inspiring for the next installation of the Collaboration Correspondence campaign…

And no post about things macabe and wonderful is complete without Edward Gorey.

And, if you still need a pretty, gloomy art and a reason to be on the internet, I highly recommend Ectopiary.

*no for real. It’s a real thing. I’m telling you, SecondWinter is a bitch.