Interview on the Interwebs

It’s my first interview! Thanks Jacinda!

Working on the Spring 2012 exchange. Please excuse the mug graveyard/drying racks.

Being forced to take what I was thinking about while making things and put it into words and put those words in a sentence was scary, and difficult, and ultimately very, very helpful.

People Who Make and Do Neat Things-Adam Houston

(Here it is! As promised! the first ever, bi-monthly interview with someone doing Neat Things.* Each interviewee is asked five basic questions (who, what, where, when, why) and asked, not only to find an answer but also the question they wish to answer.

This month we get to hear from Adam Houston, a senior painting major at Ball State University. Adam’s work ranges from highly illustrative drawings to near sculptural paintings using everything from traditional media to experimental substances such as tar and rust.

WHO would you never like to meet?
Clement Greenberg. It’d be really, really hard for me to enjoy a conversation with him, I think.

WHAT would you make if time/money were not an issue?
Well, my paintings tend to be small and inexpensive, just because of the way I’m interested in working, so really if I had an unlimited budget I’d probably focus on building a space: someplace to sleep, with studios and maybe a gallery.

ately I’ve been interested in architecture that uses recycled and reused building materials. I just don’t see much point in buying NEW things if there are perfectly acceptable used alternatives available and already made? I love the idea of raiding junkyards and warehouses to build my space: it’d be a treasure hunt of epic proportions.

WHERE do you do your best work?
NOT at home. In studios, under trees, at work, whatever. Just, NOT at home. Which, sooner or later, when studios are no longer easily available, I should work on changing. I either need to correct my studio habits so that I CAN work at home, or develop new methods of working that allow me to take my studio process anywhere. Either one has interesting prospects

WHEN do you think clearest?
I don’t. Ever. My mind is constantly buzzing and rarely focused, and more and more I’m realizing it’s a severe handicap that’s not going to get better. I just have to have the discipline to work through it.

WHY didn’t you say that?
I was small and shy and probably a little intoxicated.

BONUS- could you please write a haiku about the worst thing you ate this week?
I will never rid
my palate of bitter bug juice.
Rest in Peace, Spider.