All The Pretty Trees – Installation Photos

All The Pretty Trees – Installation Photos

Finally, pictures of my piece from All the Pretty Trees (a week after the fact. disgraceful.)

It was a bit unnerving to show up to an instal and have no idea what the piece would look like when I left, but overall, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Tim Perdue was also kind enough to photograph the whole show, which you can see Here (along with some pre-haircut shabbiness). I can’t recommend it enough, as the show as a whole looked great. Hooray trees!

i think that I shall never see…

i think that I shall never see…

What with this:

Look! We have dirt!

and this:

Been thinking about this:

Laura Plagueman.

via this site, which I found via Jacinda. Also found there (but unable to grab pictures): Pascual Sisto.

Stacey Rozich, follow the link to find an interview.

Found using the dangerous phrase 'garden art'. Follow the link for instructions. This will haunt my dreams.

Wendy Davenport Whatley. amazing tiny watercolor paintings a la Ernst Haekel. Follow link to see more.

Also unable to link to a photo but omgsoworth checking out:
Amy Brodeur’s Entry. Awesome. Found via booooooom.

Primavera, the only Boticelli that exists to me. Venus in a halfshell can suck it.

from a collaboration of Toronto artists who recently staged a 'planter intervention'. Follow the link to see more.

because summer + garden = garden party. And garden party = Jay Gatsby.

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

be there!

So here’s the deal:

The show will officially start at 7, in the Muncie Goodwill (address above), in the shelves with all the knick-knack-ery.  Highly recommended to get there a bit before, though as I’m following a sagely sculptor/teacher/mentor/friend’s advice- “Ask for forgiveness instead of permission”and am not sure how long it’ll be before I’m asked to stop. While there probably won’t be refreshments (I feel food is a big part of openings, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed in the store.), the three pieces on display will be for sale* as well as free photos/postcards from the project to the first interested viewers.

For those of you new to the Project, you can read the whole story here.

And for those of you closer to Columbus, at the same time on the same day (June 17th @7pm) my work(above) will be up at It Looks Like It’s Open, in a show called “All the Pretty Trees” You can find out more about the show, and everyone else who’s in it Here.


*100% of the profits will go to Goodwill.Even if they don’t know it…

my-cology; entry and re-entry

my-cology; entry and re-entry

The following are my entry for It Looks Like It’s Open‘s upcoming show, ‘All the Pretty Trees.’

my-cology, cast tracing paper, 2011

The pictures are just examples as the piece is site specific and meant to mimic the fractal growth of molds. In my mind I’d like it to be throughout the gallery, tucked in corners, hopefully under a table (hopefully anywhere in the gallery at all, really).

This piece is actually made with cannibalized parts of ‘Touch/Touched; Just Out of Reach. I am, I admit, a bit excited as this is the first time I’ve ever proposed a piece without a specific end in mind, the first time I’ve entered an ‘object’ of mine* into anything other than my thesis show, and also the first time since my thesis show that I’ve revisited object-making.

Also a sneak peek at the new apartment. Wood floors, that light- I am in love. More pictures (as well as words) to come later.

*not quite comfortable calling them sculptures, in the same way I’m not comfortable calling images I make ‘paintings’.

Second Sunday- my life in links*

Read this.
Then read this.  And then more of this. (while really waiting for this.)

All of which made me want to listen to this.

Currently reading this, and this
and looking forward to looking through this. (bless you library reserves, you beautiful beautiful thing)

Meanwhile, watched this, and this.

Went to this.

Been spending lots of time with here. But also lots of time here. (thinking about this.)

*this post brought to you by sleepiness, sheer laziness and a of course the internet.
*this too is relevant.

Show! – Hannah Barnes @ It Looks Like It’s Open

'Quad' by Hannah Barnes

Last night, went to friend and former professor, Hannah Barnes’s opening at It Looks Like It’s Open, 13 E Tulane (behind Cup o Joe’s on High)

And you should too!

More info can be found here.