Tuesday Top or Bottom; FUN.

Hey, remember when you were a kid and a new box of crayons was like candy?
Hey remember when you didn’t care about paper quality or materials or whether you were good or not – and you just drew princesses on reams of that shitty printer paper with the holes along the sides?
Hey remember spending hours crafting the Le Corbusier of cardboard box houses?
Hey, remember when art was just fun?

Today’s top or bottom is dedicated to that principal of art which I am guilty of forgetting in the midst of deadlines and conceptual hoopla- FUN.

To start things off, I offer you this, submitted for your approval (but NOT participating in Top or Bottom, as it wins All The Things): Caine’s Arcade.


Onto Top or Bottom!

'Seat Assignment: Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style,' Nina Katchadourian.


'Presidential Ham' by bijjijoo.


(Please, for the love of Tuesday, click on each image to see each collection in it’s entirety.)
Ahaha! Are you laughing so hard your cat questions his/her commitment to you?