Call for Entries: Postcard Collective

Call for Entries: Postcard Collective
Cat Lynch 2012

hooray summer!


Ahoy! It’s time for another Postcard Collective Exchange! The deadline to apply is June 22nd, and the instructions are all on the website.I’ll be sitting this one out, due to an abundance of commitments already this summer, including my own correspondence art endeavors, however I highly recommend it to anyone else. Not only is it a fun challenge, but in the end you get thirty pieces of tiny, awesome art from all over. Check out the Collective’s archive for a look at past exchanges, and check out Laura‘s blog for a look at the most recent exchange (she’s way more on top of things than I am)

Lieben Lizards! It’s a Liebster!

Last week two wonderful things happened 1) I stumbled upon the blog of a college classmate, Hannah and 2) found out this class mate had nominated me for my Very First Blogging Award, The Liebster!

Hannah explained the whole process pretty well;

Liebster means “favorite” in German and the Liebster Award is a way to recognize your favorite blogs that have fewer than 200 followers (like me!). It’s designed to spread awareness about younger blogs and introduce you to a few new favorites. It’s kinda like a chain letter, but way cooler without all the “your future significant other will fall off a truck and you will die lonely if you don’t send this on” sort of stuff.

With great power comes great responsibility, though, and I now have to do five things:

  •  Choose five blogs (with less than 200 followers) to pass the Liebster along to.
  •  List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites, and let them know you’ve given them the award.
  •  Thank the blogger (Hannah of Cozy Crooked Cottage) who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  •  Post the award on your blog
  •  Share five random facts about yourself.

So first and most importantly, five blogs (with under 200 followers) who deserve some love

  • The Creative Cleanse – written by my friend and co-worker, Allison!  The Creative Cleanse documents Allison’s creative endeavors while she tries to ‘make more art by buying less shit!’* Regular updates, tons of pictures, great writing- this blog is off to a great start. Go read so you can say “I knew her when…”
  • Birth, Stuff, Death – written by my other friend and co-worker (yeah, I’m THAT lucky!) Sharon! Birth, Stuff, Death is Sharon’s blog where you can find everything from a tutorial about making penis-bone sculptures, to essays about why having Nerd Kids is the best, as well as Sharon’s Uh-May-Zing art. Bonus- the writing itself is often funny enough I have to read it out loud to Boyfriend. And he laughs!
  • You Are Awesome ^_^ – Are ‘tumblrs’ considered blogs? (where’s a teenager when you need them?) Well I think so, and You are Awesome, written by one of my bestest friends, Kifer, is awesome. Basically, if you hired someone to scour the internet, find you the most beautiful things about life- including science, kittens, the beauty of nature, bacon, pretty things and Willem Defoe- that hired person could not do a better job than Kifer. Period.
  • While You Wait For the Bread to Bake – Yet another awesome person in my life, Laura, an artist with whom I went to school. While You Wait is her art blog and is regularly updated with tasty art goodness (check out the film files especially. Beautiful!)
  • Veggie Num.num. – I couldn’t find how many followers this person has but holy cow. This site rocks (and this comes from one who is very picky about food blogs). Trudy, the author, does an great job posting recipes that look good, are plant centered (with out all that freaky-deaky fake meat.), enjoyable to omnivores and herbivores alike, as well as other useful information. And, most importantly, her recipe index is listed BY PICTURE.


And now 5 facts about myself you might not otherwise know;

  • I love books about food- not cookbooks, but dry, non-fiction wherein the tangled web of the FDA and the USDA is teased, small farmers wax poetic about squash and the science of food culture is demystified. (Micheal Pollan is a nerd-crush of mine). My love of plants and gardening, as well as my eating habits, actually began with this deep passion and interest in food science/politics as an attempt to ‘vote with my fork’.
  • I have more irrational fears than any unmedicated person I’ve met. This includes thunderstorms, any flying insect, social functions, elevators, riding in cars, horses, my breath smelling bad, that that mole is cancer, the dentist, etc.
  • I have no sense of direction. Just today before going on a run I looked over a map, wrote instructions on my hand, and still got lost. In my neighborhood. This combined with item two makes life super exciting without having to do much.
  • Having had a series of negative experiences with organized religious institutions, I prefer to practice my faith, privately and am hesitant to bring up the subject without prompting. Said faith looks something like this:  Christianity a lá Victor Hugo and Joan Baez [plus] unconditional love without judgement [minus] Hell [plus] more than a healthy dose of Fern Gully. Feel free to ask questions.
  • I am both a morning-person and a rainy-day-person. This makes me the most obnoxious-person to live or work with.

Thanks again Hannah!


(and speaking of thanks, a BIG shout out to my Mom for birthing me! You go Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!”


Sharing the Love: People and things I love that you should probably love too.

People I Undeservedly Get to Know For Real

Yay Sockpuppet!– featuring the art of a talented lady who makes me almost pee my pants on a daily basis.
Cody Heichel – also known as the ‘watercolor master’ at Open Door. Seriously, this guy rocks.
Open Door Art Studio – this is where I spend 40+ hours of my week. These are the people I see regularly. And it’s my job. This fact alone is beautiful.
you are awesome ^_^ – ‘a collection of neatness brought to you by Kifer’. If you like any of the following: puppies, beautiful things, art, math, science, SCIENCE, other cute animals, human rights, unexpected things- then you will enjoy it.
While You Wait for the Bread to Bake – My friend Laura’s blog- regularly updated with awesome art, photography, style, CAT PHOTOS! basically, if this chick lived in Columbus I would bother her to hang out all the time.
Thanks and Sorry – photos by Amelia Morris. Although I didn’t talk to Amelia much when we were both at school, her work is some I’ve always admired.
Sarah LaBarge – another classmate of whom I was in awe, with whom I was way too shy when we were in classes together. Brilliant writer, brilliant artist. Thank goodness for the internet to bridge geological gaps (and social ineptitude)
Jacinda Russell and Hannah Barnes – have you ever had a professor that taught you a lot, not just in school, but through their own artmaking and who had great taste in books and who made you think “man, I wish we were friends.”? I was disgustingly lucky enough to have two of them.
Art Club – Want three mind-blowing artist brains for the price of one artist-collective? Win. Until you have pie-eating contests at your show opening, you’re probably not as cool as Art Club.
Kenay Kash – making art more fun and potentially uncomfortable on the regular. I was a huge admirer of Kenay’s work before I even knew it was his.
Museum 2.0 – Have you joined the Nina Simon fanclub yet? (Even though we’ve only had two exchanges- one at a question/answer session after a talk she gave and one via email re: how to draw in museum visitors, I still count this as knowing. Mostly because I want to.)

[insert here all the lovely people who don’t have websites but who still make my life awesome. Awesome.]

People I’ve Never Met, But Who Appear Most Frequently in my Internet Browser
Smitten Kitchen
I Like This Art
Jealous Curator
Garment House
You Grow Girl
Hyperbole and a Half

Cabin Fever

Structures in China's Gobi Desert.


Eleven Heavy Things. Miranda July

'Spiral Jetty.' Robert Smithson

from Laura Hruska's collection of performances/photographs featuring the artist in elaborate costumes

from Laura Hruska's collection of performances/photographs featuring the artist in elaborate costumes

from Situations. Sigurdur Gudmundsson


snow sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy

from Memisis. Barbara and Michael Leisgen


Mended Spiderwebs. Nina Katchadourian

Time Landscape. Alan Sonfist. A rectangular plot of 25' x 40' in lower Manhattan filled with plants native to New York in precolonial times.

Jacinda Russell's water samples. This one from Fort Stevens State Park, OR.

Jacinda Russell's water samples. This one from Fort Stevens State Park, OR.


And speaking of art outside:

from the first performance of The Letter Box Project. Cat Lynch.

The fourth (and fifth) performances coming soon to a public space near you*. Details to follow.

*if you’re near Columbus, OH, that is.

Laura Hruska- you know the drill.

The next installment in the great Correspondence Collaboration Extravonanza:

Postcard 8, from me to you.

Decided to sit down yesterday and finally finish the drawing that took me two weeks to think of, only to find that I hated it. It was in the same vein as my Pulp photos (and the guest post I mentioned in the not too distant past), and while I was excited when  I started, I spent most of the morning getting madder and madder. At everything: the drawing, the color, the concept- God knows I love ‘clever’ art, but this just felt too forced.

Hm, pencil looking overworked. And also stupid. Light washes? AH! NO! Take it back, maybe some blackblack around the eyes and- NO! quick, make it messy? Like on purpose?? WHY??? WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!


Hey, this soup’s okay, but a little bland. Maybe I should add a little salt. Maybe a little more? Just a leedle more? Damn, too much. I’ll just add more liquid. Oh, now it’s bland again. I’ll just add the teenyweenytinymeenyminymoeiest pinch of salt….G’dammittosalty.

Here’s the thing about art, though- I’m not getting paid, in fame or legal tender, and if I make a less than perfect/clever/significant object, I still get to keep all my fingers. I personally don’t believe in art without hard work, but if all element of fun is gone from the making, how fun can the looking be?

So that’s what this is: The better part of a day spent listening to a book on tape, and sewing (because I felt like some muthafuckin needle-craft) an image from an old biology book I’ve held onto for years (waiting for the ‘right’ time to use it) onto a plain piece of paper. Master piece? No. But it felt good.

detail. (what is it about thread-gore that's more disturbing than real-gore? there's something there.)

*Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? Tell us about it in the comments. We can comiserate then later french braid each other’s hair and sing into our hairbrushes.

some-er- Correspondence Campaign

About a week ago (alack!) I received the most recent installment in the Correspondence Campaign from Laura

This is actually a view of the front next to the view of the back. When you hold the card to the light you can see the images combined. Awesome. I think my favorite part about this card is that it can only exist as an object (postcard). If I were to frame it, I’d lose half the piece. I was thinking about this the other day- In my studio I have all the cards from L hung up on a line in order and it’s interesting to see the evolution of this process. As they’ve gone along they’ve become less individual images and more a story/conversation (which I suppose is the point of correspondence) and their being postcards (rather than paintings mailed in envelopes) has become more important.

The image itself is about perfectionism and an epic sunburn, which you can read more about on her site. I had an idea about cataloging my own body’s experience with summer (I’m pretty sure 75% of my blood now lies scattered amongst the Olentangy mosquito population) but didn’t think of it until too late. I could always document my burgeoning farmer’s/runner’s tan a la Travis Shaffer ,but that feels like too much of something already done. Hm. Will ponder….

Laura Hruska, don’t read this post (but do check your mailbox)

After a disgracefully long interim I’ve finally finished my next installment for Laura’s Collaboration Correspondance Campaign, in response to Laura’s last card:


Laura’s cards are always just a little bit off, size-wise, which I love. I feel like my last card was way too limited to Official Postcard Size and Format, so decided to try and do something different.

The subject itself is a painful looking burn a coworker got from a hot pan at work (Thanks Lauren!), which she graciously let me photograph and paint.
You can see detail photos of each stage under Collaborations.

What have I been doing other than painting scabs that could’ve kept me away from the slew of loyal readers*?

-Was offered position of Artful Adventures Coordinator (!!). Confirming tours, setting up stations, training other staff/interns, and generally doing all the paper-work-y stuff so Jen can really focus on the tours. Only three hours paid at most, BUT great resume line and foot in door. (AND I secretly love managing/ organizing  everything.) This also means facing two of my greatest fears (high expectations and talking on the phone).

-Also putting in hours at Paneradise to pay for upcoming Roadtrip of Whiskey and Wonder with J and B.

-Alsoalso, working on THIS for Boyfriend, whose birthday was this past weekend. (more details under Story)

Sometimes I use my power for good. Sometimes I don't.

-And it’s spring. It’s been warm (mostly) and  I’ve even seen green things. All responsibility hereby abdicated in favor of frolicking.

*All two of them.