P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

P.T. Simmondinger – available online!

Maybe you heard about last Tuesday’s lecture, Phillip Toland Simmondinger; the man the myth and the private literature thereof but didn’t make it-

Maybe this was because you live somewhat or very far away?

Maybe this was because you were unsure of what it was and decided, after a series of related misfortunes involving those who are not as they appear, to play it safe?

Maybe this was because you had finally worked up the nerve to ask out that librarian you’ve been thinking about ever since your eyes met in the reference section and the only night you both had free was last Tuesday and you suddenly felt that it had to be now or never?

Or maybe you planned to go up until the last minute when a small, fixable but grating emergency happened for which only you had a solution and by the time you were done setting things right you were tired and cross and you decided to just go home instead?

Maybe now you’re filled with regret that you missed it- Maybe this is even interfering with your daily life and relationships?

Thanks to technology, you can now view the the lecture, in its entirety and in the comfort of your own home, here:

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!

Click the image for an educational and artistic experience!

Hey friends! Want to be immortalized forever in ART without having to do more than 5 min. worth of work? Just send me

1) a facebook status or twitter update that you have personally written in the past (can be serious/silly/long/short/whatever, but it has to be yours) and
2) some quote or soundclip you would consider really famous or largely significant by someone you don’t know personally (ex: “Four score and seven years ago…” or “I have a dream..” or “I’ll be back!”)

My quotes (an example):

  • “Internet, you are awesome for finding reference pictures. Internet, you are also kind of awful for getting anything done.” –Cat Lynch
  • You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. —Wayne Gretzky

I will be eternally grateful.

Second Sunday- my life in links*

Read this.
Then read this.  And then more of this. (while really waiting for this.)

All of which made me want to listen to this.

Currently reading this, and this
and looking forward to looking through this. (bless you library reserves, you beautiful beautiful thing)

Meanwhile, watched this, and this.

Went to this.

Been spending lots of time with here. But also lots of time here. (thinking about this.)

*this post brought to you by sleepiness, sheer laziness and a of course the internet.
*this too is relevant.

Traveled down the road and back again (waiting for the paint to dry)

This Friday I had a completely lovely day off. Payday, a bike ride around Grandview

Grandview Ave.

(completely for fun- no angry motorists or long hours at the APCMAB to face at the end), got a SECOND library card at the Grandview library (that’s right. Two library cards. Fear and tremble at my awesome borrowing privileges), and had some of * Jenis blackberry sweetcorn ice cream AND finished the third and final installment in the Star Wars trilogy I’ve been reading.

Oh wholly craft.

I als0 went to my first art opening here in Columbus, at Wholly Craft!, which, still makes me laugh inside every time I pass it. (Mostly because in my head I say it with a strange pseudo-swedish accent for some reason…?) The store is fantastic and filled with the kind of wonderfully awkward crafty things necessary to my life, such as bacon magnets, aprons with attached beer cozies, and gender-bending paper dolls.

The show itself, put on by CAW:Creative Arts of Women, was all about the right to vote (holla!). I stumbled across an article about the group and the show in The Other paper the night before and having done some googling decided a) I wanted to be their friend and b) I wanted to go to see the advertised performances if nothing else.

My notes/doodle from the evening before say it all:

social anxiety: 1
deodorant: -10

Still, the performances were worth going for.The second was just plain fun, involving a rendition of “Thank You for Being a Friend” as sung by Tina Turner, Elphaba, Betty Paige, Joan of Arc and Adam Sandler’s ‘Lunch Lady.’ The first was a dance piece by Coco Loupe, and was worth the entire awkward, sweaty mess of an evening. It all took place in the storefront window on the left, making me think about display, image, ‘for sale.’

I’ve read/seen several videos of ephemeral art, but it was way different in person. The interaction for the audience for one, but also the weird way in which Coco became both a person and an object during the performance. I’ve been thinking a lot about performance, especially the past year, and it was pretty grand to see a piece in person. Definitely got a few of the ideas that’ve been in my brain percolating.

And speaking of performance, I highly recommend you check out Marina Abramovic– ‘grandmother of performance art,’ maker of beautiful things and moments and all around bad-ass.

And in work related news, customer confidence hit a new high today when a gentleman doubted my ability to count past four.

*seriously, if you only go one place in Columbus, please let it be Jenis. It’s beyond good. And they do good things. And they always play good music. And I love them.