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As promised, a big ol whopping, slow-loading image heavy post. What am I thinking about right now? this stuff:


Giorgio Morandi

Giorgio Morandi



Agnes Martin

Carl Andre's Spill


Hanne Darboven. New find. lovelovelove. Read more about her processes and see why I swoon.

Toba Khedori. This painting is probably bigger than my apartment.

Tara Donovan. Those are styrofoam cups. styrofoam. cups.

Chiharu Shiota.

The following artists were found over at the SF based artblog My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. The site itself is pretty great, regularly updated, lots of pretty things, plus a neat feature that goes inside studio spaces (satisfying my love of art AND snooping in other people’s cabinets in one go).


latex paint. Mary Temple I love you.

Jamie Knight. Pleaseplease check out her paper sculptures too.


Also, this, this and this (all of which are not ‘art’ per se, but beautiful things on my mind nonetheless)

And finally, a well needed re-discovery; Sol LeWitt’s sage advice to my hero Eva Hessa

Adíos internet, see you in a week.


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