Home Sweet Hermitage

Home Sweet Hermitage
CLynch 2012

snowday shut-in, Cat Lynch, acrylic/mixed media, 2012

Well what do you know, I not only managed to complete one last daily-practice-piece before 2013, I even managed to finish before the weekend (because technically, 11:50 on Friday is still a weekday).

This piece kind of went back and forth for me- every NextThing I did to it made me either love it or hate it. Currently don’t feel either at the moment, but I guess that’s sort of the point of practicing daily, right? It’s not always going to be something I want to frame and will to my progeny.

Top or Bottom Tuesday

Top or Bottom Tuesday

I love both of these pieces so much I want to eat them.

Sage Lewis, Untitled, 2009, screenprint, thread, and colored pencil on paper


Eva Isaksen, Seeds and Beeds, work on canvas, 2011


Gimme shelter- a ReStore sneak-peak

Finished* my pieces for the ReStore Art Challenge– Huzzah!What’s that? These photos don’t give a complete and accurate picture of the finished pieces? CORRECT.Guess you’ll have to stop by the opening:
Where: Delaware City Art Center 22 E. Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio
When: April 6 – 28, 201

See you there!


*well, okay, there are a few tiny touches to finish, but for the most part, they’re done.