my-cology; entry and re-entry

my-cology; entry and re-entry

The following are my entry for It Looks Like It’s Open‘s upcoming show, ‘All the Pretty Trees.’

my-cology, cast tracing paper, 2011

The pictures are just examples as the piece is site specific and meant to mimic the fractal growth of molds. In my mind I’d like it to be throughout the gallery, tucked in corners, hopefully under a table (hopefully anywhere in the gallery at all, really).

This piece is actually made with cannibalized parts of ‘Touch/Touched; Just Out of Reach. I am, I admit, a bit excited as this is the first time I’ve ever proposed a piece without a specific end in mind, the first time I’ve entered an ‘object’ of mine* into anything other than my thesis show, and also the first time since my thesis show that I’ve revisited object-making.

Also a sneak peek at the new apartment. Wood floors, that light- I am in love. More pictures (as well as words) to come later.

*not quite comfortable calling them sculptures, in the same way I’m not comfortable calling images I make ‘paintings’.