Hello old friend [existential crises], hello.

Hello old friend [existential crises], hello.

Hi- did you miss me?

I missed you.

It’s been a full couple of months- Not ‘crazy busy’ or even ‘crazy’ or ‘busy’, just full. Full of studio nights, full of cooking and takeout, full of work- work that was dull and work that was thrilling, full of thinking, full of doing, full of the beautiful give and take needed to exist as a human in a world with other humans.

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 5.09.18 PM

full of cats.

I won’t lie to you- there were times when I was too busy to write, but more often than not the silence was intentional. It wasn’t personal, I just needed time to put my brain in order and figure out just what it is I’m doing here. When I first started this blog I had the idea that it would serve as a portfolio of sorts. It’s meandered since then, focusing on everything from the intensely personal to attempts at being objective and universally relevant- the only real constant being my compulsion to Keep Writing Things Here. A couple of times I’ve attempted to refocus on the art, but then, last year I found a website host whose price and interface fill my heart with cupcakes. Now I have a shiny professsssional website* where I can show my work, without any references to my social sweating, but which requires time and upkeep to make it relevant. And then, of course, there comes the question of redundancy- If I’m writing about my work over there, do I really need to write about it at length over here ? How much CATLYNCH does the internet really need? And if it’s redundant, then can I stop feeling guilty about tangential and self-indulgent posts here? But I still feel this commitment/compulsion to keep writing, and what do I write about if not this thing [art], around which I’ve built so much of my identity? What is the sound of one hand clapping?!
This, I think, is really why sitting down to write here has been an exercise in cognitive dissonance and why this year in particular it’s floundered. Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 5.35.09 PM

So it’s time for a change. I’m not sure in what direction, but a change is a-comin.
But first, thank-you – whether this is your first visit or the 306th post to come to your inbox, thank-you for being here, for reading, for caring, for giving this small corner of the internet a reason to exist. Speaking of which,

what do you want to see here?

Seriously, what keeps you coming back? What would you find interesting or relevant?

Writing and pictures about plants and growing things? Food? Stories of social awkwardness? Professional musings about education, imagination and emergent curricula? Socio-political soapboxing through the lens of feminism? Or maybe you prefer to get something out of this page- how-to’s, recipes, crafts, TASTY KNOWLEDGE? Truly, let me know what gets you jazzed- the only thing not up for negotiation is cats.

There will always be cats.

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*MASSIVE update there, coming soon

a beautiful day in This neighborhod.

Most people:
Hello new neighbors! *insert general nicety/comment about the weather* Oh, I see you have a new puppy. I acknowledge, coo appropriately and continue loading into our new home.

Hello new neighbors! *shuffle past with box, sweating from heat, exertion and the knowledge that you are wearing pj shorts* NEW PUPPYZ! I acknowledge, coo appropriately, we speak briefly about pitbulls being charming dogs which then I take as an invitation to pet the puppy. Find, however that I don’t feel comfortable taking that step forward into your space. Still want to pet puppy. Neighbor and neighbor’s boyfriend (also neighbor) have conversation. Still here. Still want puppy. Suddenly realize it’s been five minutes and all visual cues being sent have been ignored. Run.


my-cology; entry and re-entry

my-cology; entry and re-entry

The following are my entry for It Looks Like It’s Open‘s upcoming show, ‘All the Pretty Trees.’

my-cology, cast tracing paper, 2011

The pictures are just examples as the piece is site specific and meant to mimic the fractal growth of molds. In my mind I’d like it to be throughout the gallery, tucked in corners, hopefully under a table (hopefully anywhere in the gallery at all, really).

This piece is actually made with cannibalized parts of ‘Touch/Touched; Just Out of Reach. I am, I admit, a bit excited as this is the first time I’ve ever proposed a piece without a specific end in mind, the first time I’ve entered an ‘object’ of mine* into anything other than my thesis show, and also the first time since my thesis show that I’ve revisited object-making.

Also a sneak peek at the new apartment. Wood floors, that light- I am in love. More pictures (as well as words) to come later.

*not quite comfortable calling them sculptures, in the same way I’m not comfortable calling images I make ‘paintings’.

Accidents- the Correspondence Campaign continues!

Woo! Just got (…by which I mean a few days ago. Bad blogger,bad.) the newest part of the Correspondence Campaign from Laura. You can read more about it by clicking the picture below:

Plans are in place for the next installment from me, and will be coming soon…

Also, in other rando- news (and in part, an excuse about the lack of posts the past week or so) We’re moving! That’s right, Boyfriend, Georges (the cat) and I are relocating to the far-flung location of…across the street. To a place with outdoor space, an extra bedroom (read:studio), a basement, gushgush. First, though, comes the completely overwhelming task of packing/cleaning/cleaning/unpacking. o.O

validation in the form of repetition

After a month of Darger-esque life, with APCMAB days and hermit-like nights, I’m doing art things!

(I mean other than watching Art21 by myself and reading about William Wegman outloud to my cat)

Not getting paid a damn thing and loving it entirely. Last week I was accepted into and started the Wexner Center’s docent training program, which combines my love of arts and community education and also getting to the Wex for free on a weekly basis.

And this week I started working as a studio assistant for Columbus artist Sean Foley. This evening I repetitively sanded the edges of plastic squares for two hours and, and I say this with absolutely no irony, loved. it. I’ve missed this strange little world.

New Work- Blood Guts and Needlepoint.

ready to be sealed and sent

New things up under ‘Guts.’

Oh, also, now there’s a section called Guts! As well as a much cleaner Work section. (if only my real work area were so organized. And free of cat hair).

Also finally started (as in took more action than just thinking and doodling) a drawing/performance/painting…thing…that’s been swirling around my brain since the beginning of summer. I won’t go into details yet, other than to say it involves five other artists, the idea of drawing as a blueprint for action and the US postal service.

Other than mail and stichery, my days have been filled mostly with work, running, reading a long-awaited book and systematically devouring the Grandview Public Library’s dvd collection (no cable + lots of time spent sewing = finally catching up on my ‘to-watch’ list).

Lots of exciting things on the horizon though. The fella moves tuesday and friday I start training as a docent for the Wex. Oh and it’s (almost) officially fall.

And I have squash.

If you want to live easy Baby pack your clothes with mine

Lots of changes lately, both here and in the ‘real world.’ Sat, I moved to Killumbus, OH* (so any columbus folks looking to swap art, collaborate or just drink beer and talk about cats, hit me up), Sun/Mon was joined by the Beav** who helped me settle in with movies and curry aplenty and Tues I started a job at an auto parts store that shall remain nameless (Because you know all Very Important People in big corporations spend most of their time surfing the artblog world, and Care Very Much about them).

where am I going to paint tonight? oh, yeah, right HERE.

Changes aplenty here too- Updated the ‘Bio’ section and added some more links. I highly recommend you check out ‘those i know.’ Because I know them, and they’re doing things! Neat! Even more changes to come soon, too. I  want to make updates more regular and possibly more interesting than “Oi! Lookit. Me. Yes.”*** I’m planning on a monthly interviews with art and “not”art people (maybe twice or thrice a month once it gets going), more writings, collaborations/guest blogging**** as well as regular updates of things Actually Made by yours truly (especially now that I have space and freshly unpacked supplies and a working camera). Also also, I’ve made a Facebook page, so I can make these regular updates, without cluttering up my own newsfeed (truly a deep concern of mine.)

So yeah. Starting to feel a bit settled. Still plenty of boxes to unpack, but as I spent the past few days unpacking and have no work tomorrow, I hereby declare this evening dedicated to painting, rust, iced tea and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


i can has free couch?

recovering from the traumatic relocation.

*i am not this witty. I saw it on a poster and it made me think of deathmetal ganges tooling around Clintonville, which I love.


***still some, though. I mean, come on. Lookit.

****interested? crlynch2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

*****Four footnotes? for reals? Dear self, learn how to conduct a thorough train of thought. Also how to spell thorough without a dictionary.