Pareidolia – Opening TONIGHT! 5p-8p @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing!

Pareidolia – Opening TONIGHT! 5p-8p @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing!

What are you doing tonight?

If your answer is anything other than ‘Checking out the awesome artwork Muncie has to offer at its First Thursday event, including Drawing Practice + Pareidolia at Gordy Fine Art and Framing‘ you are sorely mistaken.

A preview:



Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon of finding significance in random visual stimuli. The most common examples of this are finding images in clouds, seeing faces in kitchen appliances and Rorschach ink blots. As humans, we want to find meaning in the seemingly random chaos that surrounds us. It’s why we study history, it’s why we feel cheated when fictional stories ‘don’t make sense’- we want to believe there are rules and, by extension, that by playing by these rules we can take control of what is ultimately uncontrollable- namely the Universe.
See you tonight!



Upcoming Show! – Pareidolia @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing, 4/4/13

Upcoming Show! – Pareidolia @ Gordy Fine Art and Framing, 4/4/13

Next Thursday, Pareidolia opens in Gordy Fine Art and Framing’s “Nook” space! The show will feature seven small, mixed media drawings and will be held in conjunction with Drawing Practice. Not only are these pieces on special loan from the archives of the North American Pseudohistorical Society – not only are they also so brand new they’ve yet to be photographed- NOT ONLY will I be there in (sweaty)person to offer special insight into the weird world of Numerological Historiographs-  But the main event will feature work from BSU Drawing Professors and was curated by a Mr. Scott Anderson. Basically, coming to this show to see my work will be like going to see your friend’s community theater performance of Pirates of Penzance , y’know, because you’re an awesome person and  your community theater always puts on a decent show AND you happen to have a soft spot for Gilbert and Sullivan, when suddenly, at the end of act one Frank Zappa is lowered on a wire amidst glitter cannons to perform a new and particularly obscene version of “A Modern Major General.”
It’s going to be that epic.

“With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.”

Also there will be snacks!

The opening reception will be Thursday, April 4 from 5pm to 8pm, and the show will run all through the month of April.


The Goodwill Show – Success!

The Goodwill Show – Success!

Was able to successfully sneak all three pieces plus labels into the store without attracting any undue attention to myself. Also got to see two of my best friends, Kifer and  J, the awesome Hannah Barnes, and spend some quality time with my parents.

Even with the labels and the artist’s statement nearby, it was interesting to see how much they blended in to the rest of the knick-knackery. Also interesting was how differently I saw the store. I’ve been in Goodwill’s since the last phase of the project, but not with ART in mind. Further plans for covert thriftstore shenanigans to come fer sher.*

En Route (inspiration for a spontaneous project later in the weekend)

the Artist contemplating Deep Things.

To document the show, I used a generic disposable camera (the kind I used out of necessity in the beginning of the project) You can see more pictures of the pieces themselves Here. I left the pieces where they were on the shelf, to be bought like the paintings were, so if you’re in or around Muncie, check it out.

Also to come this week: the final instal from All The Pretty Trees! An ‘Adventure’! In progress painting pictures! Mary Todd Lincoln! Tales of Beauracracy! Thrilling updates about Real Life Things! Pictures of my cat and plants I haven’t killed yet! More excessive punctuation!?! You bet!!!

Nam June Paik?

*Why haven’t we found a way to make sleep optional yet?

Reminder- Upcoming Show @ Goodwill

In honor of the upcoming Goodwill Project show/performance,
(June, 17th, 7pm @ the Muncie Goodwill)
I give you another show/performance by an artist named Geronimo.

(my favorite is the girl who is having None Of It. Esp. at 0:27)

Also, this-

Who is this person? What compelled him/her to bring a camera into the bathroom? This. This is why the internet exists. (the comments are surprisingly enlightening as well)

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

The Goodwill Project / All The Pretty Trees – Upcoming Shows

be there!

So here’s the deal:

The show will officially start at 7, in the Muncie Goodwill (address above), in the shelves with all the knick-knack-ery.  Highly recommended to get there a bit before, though as I’m following a sagely sculptor/teacher/mentor/friend’s advice- “Ask for forgiveness instead of permission”and am not sure how long it’ll be before I’m asked to stop. While there probably won’t be refreshments (I feel food is a big part of openings, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed in the store.), the three pieces on display will be for sale* as well as free photos/postcards from the project to the first interested viewers.

For those of you new to the Project, you can read the whole story here.

And for those of you closer to Columbus, at the same time on the same day (June 17th @7pm) my work(above) will be up at It Looks Like It’s Open, in a show called “All the Pretty Trees” You can find out more about the show, and everyone else who’s in it Here.


*100% of the profits will go to Goodwill.Even if they don’t know it…

to two too.

Not one, but two shows coming up (although, does it count if one is a one woman show you made up at your local Goodwill store? Cause if not, then just one show) More about that later though, when I have brain enough to put wordy-things into whatsits……sentances, yeah.

Hilary Carlip

Also stumbled upon A La Cart by Hillary Carlip in my local library. The book contains 26 found grocery lists (!), with Carlip dressed up as the characters created based on the items on the lists, the appearance of the lists themselves as well as where she found them (!!) as well as their stories she made up about them (!!!) This fits so completely with what I’m doing with the Goodwill Project that I had to get it. In retrospect, though, I kind of wish it was just the image and list. The stories feel flatter than the pictures and at times not…so good. Plus printing the story too kills some of the mystery. I like that mystery.

Speaking of stories and wonderful things my hero (and conscious*) Miranda July has a new movie coming out. There’s also a place on the movie’s website where you can get your future read and sign up to get your future emailed to you every Monday and Thursday. Which I’ve totally done. I’ll let you know when I know.

*Any time I worry about petty shit, or spend large amounts of time on facebook or looking at pictures of cats, or just internetting in general I think “What did Miranda July do for the past hour and a half- d’you think she watched Nora the Piano cat three times in a row? Picked at her face? Looked at every facebook photo of old classmates not seen since fourth grade? Or do you think, instead, she spent the time thinking brilliant things or making up dances or writing another movie that will change your life?” I know this is not fair to her or me, but I can’t stop doing it.

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

family, friends, soapboxes & scabs.

Back from a pretty fantastic Easter weekend in Funcie. Friday I got so see my parents followed by a room-mate reunion at my favoritefavorite bar in the whole world, the Herot. Saturday was spent doing family things with both mine and Boyfriend’s family (including, but not limited to, playing horse, seeing a horse, pie and an easter egg hunt) followed by more beer with more friends, and Sunday was even more family things. Only a bare minimum of sleep was had, and I still feel like I didn’t see everyone I wanted to. A wonderful ‘problem’ to have.

See the sights!

Beth M. (of the BCR Drawing collaboration) also brought the lastest incarnations of the three drawings with her to the Heorot and so the collaboration continues! Updates to come. (as well as a commission, altered book/collaboration, installation project and all of the rando. drawings this warm weather keeps planting in my brain. Too many ideas- another beautiful, awesome problem.) Here’s what’s done so far:

Drawing 1.5 (ignore line down the middle, I got excited and started before I took the picture.)

Drawing 2.5

Drawing 3.5 aka 'old lady Feets.'

I know I’m a day late, but speaking of Easter (and Passover, and Earth Day and May Day, etc.) I highly recommend checking out Art 21’s  episode about Art and Spirituality. Not only does it feature my homegirl Ann Hamilton, I think it also does a nice job addressing the connection many artists feel between their spiritual and artistic lives. I tend to be pretty mum about my own beliefs, as most short, easy titles like the ‘C-word’ lump me into the same catagory as these assholes:

But my belief in a God who creates and loves and laughs is, to quote my friend Kasey,

…not just a set of superstitions I have chosen to believe in. It is not something that makes me less intelligent, less independent, less forward thinking. My faith is an essential part of my identity. It is wrapped up in the fiber of my being and is the way I live my life.

So yes.  I believe in treating even the most hateful outsider the same way you would a brother,I believe in free speech, I believe in gay rights, I believe in evolution, I believe in taking care of each other, I believe bodily functions are funny, I believe in a fundamental Goodness and all this because of, not in spite of, my belief in God.


Oh, um, and here’s a picture of a (healing) rash.

mysterious rash that appeared in my armpit after the Octopus Project concert. It's not everyday one gets such a mysterious and interestingly shaped rash. Unless that 'one' is me.

Happy monday!