“The shortest day has passed…*”

“The shortest day has passed…*”
My mother, making the necessary, traditional cinnamon rolls Christmas Eve.

My mother, making the necessary, traditional cinnamon rolls Christmas Eve.

CLynch 2012


Clynch 2012

G’s favorite way to spend evenings…and mornings….and afternoons.

Newt, in a rare moment of stillness.

Newt, in a rare moment of stillness.


Snowstorm as seen from inside a tiny, warm kitchen.

CLynch 2012

mint, jade and onions – enjoying a bit of sun

A wonderful, love-filled Christmas and a blissfully quiet and Schwarzenegger-filled New Year’s Eve.

Despite all my outward protestations that New Year’s is ‘just another day’ and ‘barely a real holiday’, every year I get pulled into the list-making, vow-taking optimism that comes with a new calendar year. I have no logical reason to believe that a 3 where there was a 2 will suddenly transform me into a new being that Dresses Smartly! and Cooks Dinner on Weeknights Regularly! and Balances a Rich Creative Life with Social Outings! and yet I still find myself some time in the early days of January declaring that this is the year I become more/less ____.

In the spirit of my hilarious friend, Sharon, this year I’m trying to keep it a bit ‘mo’ real’;

  • focus less on things like ‘becoming famous’ and ‘getting into shows’ and focus more on making art.
  • this I will do by cultivating a daily art practice and following through on current projects before starting new ones.
  • learn to cook more ‘intuitively‘.
  • run 2 half-marathons (one in spring and one in fall)
  • drink more water each day than I do coffee (because drinking nothing but coffee and wine in a 24 hr period can’t be great for my kidneys)



been eating an unreasonable amount of citrus and apologizing to no one.

*”The shortest day has passed, and whatever nastiness of weather we may look forward to in January and February, at least we notice that the days are getting longer.  Minute by minute they lengthen out.  It takes some weeks before we become aware of the change.  It is imperceptible even as the growth of a child, as you watch it day by day, until the moment comes when with a start of delighted surprise we realize that we can stay out of doors in a twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour.”
–  Vita Sackville-West

Snow Schlow Mow Day.

Snow Schlow Mow Day.
CLynch 2012

‘ends and beginings’ Cat Lynch, acrylic and graphite, 2012

Another of my ‘weekday’ endeavors, though I bent the rules a bit and finished it over the weekend at my parents’ house. Given the way I usually work, and the proximity I am to the end of my book, this will probably be the last drawing of 2012. Fitting, then that it’s a drawing of a butt.

In related book-finishing, drawing-making news, it is SNOWPOCALYPSE. After bad-mouthing the mildness of Ohio winters for three years, she’s finally calling my bluff. Outside is a beautiful, wintry wonderland and zero reason to leave the house.

Stay warm!

outside/outsider art: Tuesday Top or Bottom.

outside/outsider art:  Tuesday Top or Bottom.

This past month my brain has been full of two of my favorite things*: outside (because it’s GROWING SEASON AND THERE ARE THINGS TO DO) and outsider art (because it’s FESTIVAL/OPENINGS SEASON AND THERE ARE THINGS TO DO)

Thus, I give unto you: outsider art** about things outside.


a Shaker Gift Drawing.
(zomg automatic drawings of obsessive detail WIN)


a drawing by John James Audubon
(zomg naturalist explorer birds WIN!)




*On a related note, those looking to do some early holiday shopping would do well to look here, here or here.
**meaning, in this case, ‘art by self-taught artists’

[am I the only one who think the word ‘chard’ sounds vaugely dirty?]

[am I the only one who think the word ‘chard’ sounds vaugely dirty?]

I’ve mentioned on here before that after art (and cats, and sci fi, and lost causes, and soapboxes) gardening- specifically gardening things I can eat- is high on my list of passions. In my dreams, I’ve started a gardening blog a lá YouGrowGirl where I write self deprecatingly about the trials and triumphs of urban gardening- which eventually leads to a book deal, a string of community gardens across the Midwest and the eventual vacating of my day job to spend my days painting, growing and writing.

Since this dream is about as likely right now as my other dream of building a time machine and joining a Japanese all girl leather-clad 90’s punk ensemble,I indulge in small doses. Like documenting this complimentary-colored chard that, despite an epic battle with flea beetles, survived long enough to become dinner last night.

Cat Lynch 2012

om nom.

CLynch 2012

George loves him some greens

CLynch 2012

seriously a pretty plant. planning on growing a ton more just for the visual.

The chard ended up being part of a chard-apple-onion frittata from Lynn Rosetto-Casper’s book How to Eat Supper.

(No pictures of the finished product because, as with most of my cooking, the finished product was not nearly as pretty as the ingredients.)